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News Concerning Recent Events

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Selaya, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. Selaya

    Selaya Ɛ> Head Admin

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    Hello Dears,

    over the past few days you might've been served with a redirect when you tried to visit xpoff.com, telling you a buncha things.
    The bottom line is, everything the site you were redirected to said was wrong. Conq caused exactly zero minutes of downtime this year, and continuing this pace, will not cause any downtime at all this year either.
    Any downtime caused is to be at fault of the very people who believed it'd be wise to setup a redirect on xpoff.com, frame us and to hijack our database for their own ends.

    You may have also noticed that this is a rather old backup. In hindsight, it was clear that moving our host to a certain person's server was a mistake, as this person's ultimate goal was to try and duck us over. We've been successively deprived of all our server access rights, including but not limited to the ability of making further backups.
    At some point last week we decided to escalate the situation and move the site to a server under our full control. This person decided, in turn to escalate as well, resulting into this huge clusterfuck.
    Let me tell you this: xpoff.com will remain xpoff.com. We have full control of the domain, and now full control of our server again, as well. This attempt at hostile takeover has failed.

    We'd like to encourage you to visit the site you were redirected to and to take back what's ours. We shall steal back our posts, one thread at a time!

    <3, Sela

    N.B.: For the sake of full disclosure, here's a buncha Discord screenshots:
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  2. Sketchbag

    Sketchbag OVOXO Moderator

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    What a bunch of malarkey!

    XPOFF.COM 4 life!
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  3. Iild

    Iild Member

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    a lot of people would say conq giving untrustworthy people access to databases is conq causing downtime
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  4. OP

    Selaya Ɛ> Head Admin

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    Fair point.
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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    With all due respect, what is the point of keeping this website going? Isn't there somewhere else for people to shitpost without any financial commitment on your end?
  6. AlisterCrow

    AlisterCrow Member

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    Were these children that tried to do this? They certainly failed in a childlike manner, but I'm curious if they actually were preteens that thought "BlizzardHQ" was a good name for the page where they claimed they were making a new home for twinks lol.
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  7. Embu

    Embu French Moderator Moderator Senior Coordinator

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    Long live Twinkinfo and XPoff.

    More especially, thanks to the admin staff protecting the twink database. You're smarter than the ones who advance wrong arguments to legitimate an hijack.

    I also may understand that some people don't like how the site was ruled by Conq or other XPoff leaders. It's not because I support the XPoff staff that I remain blind about the opinion of all.

    But I think that XPoff is not what Artke and Stab try to make you believe. The argument they advance is that Conq wanted to sell the XPoff website to make money. They also pretext that this is for this reason no information has been given about the XPOff financial statut.

    This argument is wrong for two reasons:

    - 1) Conq didn't want money for himself, even if he could have
    - 2) When I've transmitted several infos regarding the financial situation of XPoff, Artke deleted them, preventing the community to access it

    Keep well in mind that when I saw people becoming worry about the XPoff future, I personnally asked to Conq to be more transparent about the situation of the website. It was in November 2017. I've asked him to give more infos and I relayed them. He accepted without taking a long time before to answer me. For me, this means he has nothing to hide.

    In more of that, when I've started to transmit the infos on the former XPoff discord (whose Artke took possession), all my messages were deleted. You can see this there:
    [​IMG] Curiously, it happened when the XPoff staff wanted to be transparent with the community. Now, ask you who had interest to make you believe we were the vilains?

    Who had interest to delete my messages to prevent the community remained informed?
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  8. Sketchbag

    Sketchbag OVOXO Moderator

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    hahaha ikr it just screams angst and flawed logic!
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  9. Conq

    Conq c Administrator Founder

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    Arkte thought it was okay to hate on AEA's concept and made that site not happen, guess it was okay to steal the database to make literally the same concept website, as long as it wasn't me.
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  10. Sketchbag

    Sketchbag OVOXO Moderator

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    que the angst part hahaha
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  11. Daltert Moropi

    Daltert Moropi Veteran

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    Although to be fair, they could get sued from blizzard themselves if they get word about someone took their name and made an edited free-for-all version of their forums.
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  12. Conq

    Conq c Administrator Founder

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    Aside from that, i'll be consulting a lawyer within the next few days and plan to go through with legal action since this is intellectual property theft from Myrm and myself exceeding 10 grand in previous market value, a felony. My understanding is that many lawyers will consider this an easy win, and jump at the chance to take the case.
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  13. Lil

    Lil Veteran

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    I started back with twinkinfo over 5 years ago. I know that's nothing compared to some people here however that's half a decade of my life that I spent reading and contributing to a site.

    Randomly one day I logged on and realized it became xpoff without any notice. Every other month there's new forum rules that people have to abide by or get banned. Every other week there's some new mod or admin.

    I started as a F2P and came here to read and learn from the single best section this site has ever had, the cata F2P section. I would learn new things everyday and was apart of the most helpful community there was.

    Then people stopped helping more and more, then people started leaving, then we're here. A forum where the people in charge are more unstable than a blizzard developer during patch week. A forum where what few people that are left are forced to decide each day which "direction" they want to go.

    I feel, with complete sadness, that this site is doomed to crumble under itself. All I wish is that the newer twinks who are just getting into wow had the chance to join a forum like I did.
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  14. Purj

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    The original twink forums were called BattlegroundForums, which then changed to PwnDepot. Once that started dying, everybody moved to Twinkinfo, which started as Drayner's blog directed towards doing exploits on twinks. Twinkinfo prior to having forums was actually looked down on by much of the community.

    As you stated, later came XPOff, which was very similar drama to what we are experiencing now.

    The community has been plagued with this sort of thing for over 12 years.
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  15. Devm

    Devm Member

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    thats my girl
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  16. ohti

    ohti Member

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    glad we back cuz like the old sites were mad ugly. will we be getting reactions and new update stuff back again at some point?
  17. Conq

    Conq c Administrator Founder

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  18. LecolaEU

    LecolaEU Member

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    -Find this topic 'informative'?
    Where's the informative, funny buttons?
  19. OP

    Selaya Ɛ> Head Admin

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    you mean this?
    it's on the agena, all in due time
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  20. ohti

    ohti Member

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    that's all I'm really here for yo

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