US Weekly LV20 Wargames


SV huntard
Going to keep this simple.

Time: Friday 8PM EST

Maximum of 4 healers per team*
Maximum of 2 stealthies per team*
Maximum of 2 of each class per team
Maximum of 1 RSham, Bdruid, MM per team
*Resto Druid DOES count as a healer, but DOES NOT count as a stealth class

Be on 10 minutes early so we can start playing on time.

Please join our wargame discord with daily discussion: If you are hesitant or not sure if you want to try feel free to view some of the streams below to see if it's something you'd want to try. I know personally, my concern was toxic/rude people and I assure you, that is MUCH much lower than I expected.
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I would like to heal as holy priest, I can also play mage, hunter or druid on horde.
I would be willing to play in some saturday wargames. As long as people come to play and have fun.None of that cry baby i lost shit so dont wanna play no more and ruin it for everyone one else.
But ya besides that sign me up

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