(19s) 8.1.5 Enchants & Item Changes

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Purj, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. Deumadora

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    You mentioned both a rogue soloing a healer and also bars going from 100-10 in a gcd within just a few posts. Since you weren’t really calling out other classes at the time, it was lead to believe both comments were about the topic of the moment, “rogues”. Perhaps a rogue wasn’t the class you were talking about specifically to this, and to that I apologize if you were offended by my rebuttal. But, I still do not believe rogues are op or part of the problem in the 19 bracket. With the upcoming nerf to ele force, rogues will probably drop a tier in the meta rankings. They will have their place still for control and flag retrieval, but they’ll be buried in the middle of the pack for damage.
  2. Sponsor

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    Proc dmg on Venomstrike?
  3. Çæñï

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    Not the ilvl23 version but it got cut in half as well

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  4. SPQR

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    And it still not working.
  5. OP

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    Home today and a few hours during the week. If anybody needs something looked at, let me know.
  6. Roboartist

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    Holy heckin frick. Those enchant nerfs. But it's nice to see gear being better now. May bridge the gap between GFd and Modern gear.

    Also rip to the items I got as ilvl 23. We should ask blizz if they can change them for us :)
    (prob won't)

    I'm super curious about BG crate gear. And it's nice to see that ilvl 26 epics for 20s will be viable. At least that's my guess.

    This will be a great patch for new characters.
  7. Imfasttoo

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    Would green quest rewards apply too? I wonder if all quest items are going to scale properly now? Possibly like Argas rings and Emil's Brand/Staff...
  8. OP

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    I didn't see any changes in greens.
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  9. Chops

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    I havent looked real hard but there are a few greens at level that go up in ilvl at level 20 (but with no stat changes) so there might be a couple at 19 too. Though again, I've seen ilvl increases but not an increase in stat numbers.

    That said, given that we get a stat squish every other xpac or so, it would probably be worth picking these up as the higher ilvl might result in better stats after the next squish.
  10. Taki

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    Hello, I know it's not a common weapon enchant but are you capable of testing unholy weapon?
  11. Warglave

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    I know it's not 19, but in another thread here someone said https://www.wowhead.com/item=6327/the-pacifier&bonus=3721 is getting a buff and the wowhead PTR version seems to agree.

    That being a drop it's rather curious... but also possible wowhead is wrong, happens a lot.

    edit- I can confirm that the old, pre-scaling version does NOT get a buff as I had one to test. Don't have a new one. Also, most of the "scale with level" versions on wowhead are screwed up when selected at the moment, for me at least.
  12. OP

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    Of course, I will test when I'm home from work in a few hours.
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  13. OP

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    14 damage, 4 damage reduction

    All dungeon drops now scaling to ilvl 25 (from 23) at level 19.
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  14. necroaqua

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    My brain hurts. We had ilvl 25 gear before in 7.3.5. And then it scaled down to ilvl 23 for BfA. So is this a revert of some kind? Or just new scaling that happens to match the old scaling a bit?

    From another post I see that dungeon gear from post7.3.5 will be changed to match the new scaling, right?
    • Do previously-rewarded quest items (from post7.3.5) scale up a bit as well? Or still only for newly completed quest rewards?
    • What ilvls are invasion gear/WF/TF? They got reduced from 25/30/34 to 23/27/30...are they going back?
    • What ilvls are relevant scaled blue world drop BoEs (still req 17/ilvl 25 for weps and req15/ilvl23 for armor?)
    • Do scaled specific blue BoEs scale up to ilvl 25 now? AKA - will a current ilvl 23 shadowfang be ilvl 25 on ptr (probably easier to test with something farmable like gloves of the fang or talon of vultros unless you have one)? And is there any stat/weapon damage difference from the (grandfathered) ilvl 24 version?
    • Do greens now drop scaled to level req 18/19 again? Thats probably beyond the scope of usual PTR testing. But for a time greens were scaling to useful levels and then they seemed to mysteriously stop (jumps from req level 16 to 20 or something now).
    • Have dungeon satchels/BG crate ilvls been updated? I'm assuming this could change since the earlier testing where they hadn't.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 24, 2019, Original Post Date: Jan 24, 2019 ---
    Wowhead data implies these are the same. I don't remember them changing with BfA either.

    According to the PTR wowhead at least, Shadowfang at ilvl 25 is better than ilvl 24 default shadowfang with 7-12 weapon damage instead of 6-11. Same agility/proc.
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  15. OP

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    You DOT NOT need to re-farm BoP items from dungeons. They are automatically scaling up as of this moment. My sliter-scale set is entirely upgraded to ilvl 25 and has better stats.

    ilvl 24 Shadowfang still remains ilvl 24 (pre-changes version)
    ilvl 23 Shadowfang likely scales to ilvl 25. I say this because my ilvl 23 Petrified Shinebone I just bought off AH (ilvl 23 on live) scaled to ilvl 25 on PTR.
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  16. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    Remains unchanged so far.
  17. Swoops

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    Seems like they just reverted the dungeon ilevel scaling to pre-BfA numbers, yeah. Like purj said, all gear that's already scaled to your level will go from 23 to 25. Same deal with post-7.3.5 satchel gear. Old dungeon/satchel gear is unchanged.

    No changes on world drop BoEs, heirlooms, BG crate gear or invasion gear. Looks like all single source BoEs are +0 for greens, +6 for blues.

    I killed a couple rares in hillsbrad, loot on greens seemed the same (some unscaled, some scaled - similar level ranges).
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  18. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    I'm just gonna break it to you all. Ele force is still very good btw. Damage is still high, healing is roughly the same. The main concerns I have are the new races and how they play out. Recently we've been able to race change into allied races our 19's on live. And Zandalari Troll is completely fucked. As in absolutely mega broken.

    A mistweaver with the healing proc of gift of the loa can proc 900+, consecutive times btw. Mistweavers heal incredibly fast over a lot of numbers. EACH and ONE of those can proc the racial. It's insanely broken. The restoration racial is crazy. 25% a second? Like wtf? The proc where you take damage that gives 600 health and 103 armor? Wtf? Meanwhile the bleed is trash, so there's that. Haven't tested the life steal proc yet. Tooltip says 144, but tooltip on bleed was good too, but it rarely procs and the tics are like 38 damage. I've only ever gotten it to stack twice of the 3 times it's allowed to stack. And that's pure PvE, non moving target. If the glider racial works in a wargame, that's also gonna be omegalul.

    However, it's all early PTR, so I expect a lot of things to happen with the new allied races before they are finalized.

    Majority of the dps should still stick with ele force (especially if you're a multi dotter). Healers have a few options depending on class and how they wish to utilize their class.

    For the rogues who do have the liberty of weapon swapping, I believe that you'd mainly want ele force unless you're looking to open on a high stack FC. I believe double dancing steel might be better for that, but it's hard to say this early and without the proper testing. I can however say for sure that ele force isn't as bad as everyone puts it out to be. It's still very good.

    "Ele force is nerfed though". Sure, and you'll have a little less damage, but still a lot.
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  19. Tonkks

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    Whelp. Back to farming a couple shadowfangs.

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