1. Warlord Daboo

    Warlords of Warsong RECRUITING! The Most Active 19 twink guild in WoW!

    Warlords of Warsong is recruiting all 19s to Mankrik Horde and Benediction Alliance, where we have the 2 most active twink guilds in the game! Warlords of Warsong runs Daily BGs, Weekly Guild Events, and Community Events. These events, along with other activities, give Warlords opportunities to...
  2. rosetwinks

    First time 20 Twink, any help would be great!

    So I currently have a bis 11 Twink(wind walker monk) and just finished up the last item on my 10 Twink(arcane mage) Love those toons but its time to move on to a new challenge and have a bit of fun while im doing it! Obviously besides scaling, what class/spec I choose for 10/11 twinks is limited...
  3. Warlord Daboo

    Warlords of Warsong - The Most Active Twink Guild in WoW! Recruiting Mankrik (H) and Pagle(A) !!

    Warlords of Warsong is the most active twink guild in the game, on Mankrik Horde. We have recently created a 19 guild on Pagle - Alliance with hopes to bring Alliance into the community events that we host weekly! Another big goal that we have for this Alliance branch of Warlords of Warsong is...
  4. Warlord Daboo

    Vernal Arena Tournament (3v3) Cash and Gold Prize Event!

    Vernal Arena Tournament (3v3s) The 19s community has been hungry for 3s Arenas for a couple months now. Let’s give the community what they want! This 3v3 Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 15, starting around 9:00-9:30 pm eastern time! Both Alliance and Horde can participate in this...
  5. Warlord Daboo

    March Madness 19s Arena Tournament! $100 Cash Prize! 3/11/2023

    Warlords of Warsong is hosting our March Madness Arena Tournament to be played On March 11! Teams must sign up by March 10 to participate in the event. This event is a CASH PRIZE EVENT The Current Cash Pot is $100, and we encourage participants to add to the cash pot to make the event even more...
  6. WarGods WoW ( Never seen a server like this )

    **WarGods WoW** is coming with a new Realm , a new way of fun ! **WarGods WoW** is a brand new 3.3.5 Fun Server, with a new System called **Paragon ( Diablo )** . You can levelup your powers with the Paragon System . There is no Level Cap, how many players and mobs / bosses you kill, thats how...
  7. WarGods WoW Classless

    Hello, we updated the WarGods WoW into something special. Now, you can create your own dreaming character ! Right, now, it is a Classless Realm ! :o Server Info : - Progressive Realm, which means we will go through all exapnsions ( Zones, Quests, etc ) - Wrath of the Lich King main client (...
  8. Germinus

    Big Jorney that started and ended in Mop

    -Request from Emelia Posting some old Mop pics. Was going to get every zone but got really sick and never finished the project. My main in mop was funky boi.
  9. Germinus

    Time soloing old dungeons.

    I have reasently been obsessed with paladin tank, so i made lvl 10 and in no time, i was able to solo dungeons for gear. My personal best so far is TBC.(In game clock click when enter) Ramparts. 5min 12sec. - Underbok 6min 27sec. Im new here so i dont know how to post (or if i can) pics. But...
  10. Warlord Daboo

    The Battle for Gurubashi - Hosted by Warlords of Warsong! September 4th!

    The Battle for Gurubashi - Hosted by Warlords of Warsong Warlords of Warsong and the active 19 Guilds of Mankrik will attend the largest ever WPvP event on September 4th, 2020, in Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. The Battle for Gurubashi is a large scale “War” event, similar to “The...
  11. Olympic

    Olympic, the level 70 Night Elf Rogue.

    Hey, I am Olympic, some of you may know me as "trash" or "washed up", yeah thats me :D <3 Follow me @ trash lvl 70 rogue gameplay and sometimes 2.2k+ lvl 120 arena and dont forget to leave a follow.. noobs :Troll:
  12. Warlord Daboo

    Warlords of Warsong - Rattlegore Wpvp Events!

    Warlords of Warsong is growing fast, with over 125 members now. We are starting to schedule Dungeon runs to help gear our 19s and get them ready for Wpvp events and eventually BGs. Warlords will hold Wpvp events twice weekly to start off, events will include Redridge Raids, Gurubashi Battles...
  13. Warlord Daboo

    Warlords of Warsong Classic - Mankrik

    Hey guys, Warlords of Warsong is coming back to twinking in Classic WoW. We accomplished many things in retail and we plan to continue our success in Classic. We will be accepting and recruiting ALL BRACKETS. A lot of the leadership from Warlords will be coming over to help start up and keep the...
  14. Radical

    US Starting 39s Arena Community

    I'm looking to get anyone interested in getting use out of their 39s and occasionally queing up for some Arena Wargames. In an effort to do so, I made a community just to see how many people are interested. I literally just made it so if you have any interest at all please follow the link below...
  15. Warlord Daboo

    General 7/13/19 The Invasion of Fenris Isle. Level 19, 20, 29 WPvP event!

    The Invasion of Fenris Isle Warlords of Warsong and The Brotherhood of Banners is proud to announce The Invasion of Fenris Isle, a World PvP Event held on Saturday July 13th on Fenris Isle in Silverpine Forrest. In this event we will combine The 19, 20, and 29 Brackets into one huge battle for...
  16. Karesinda

    US Special/Unobtainable Cool Items

    You guys/gals got any neat or cool items you gathered that no longer exist in the game? Or that you can't obtain anymore due to fixes/changes? Applies to f2p as well.
  17. Karesinda

    US Any lvl 20 Horde guilds LFM?

    Just looking to drop into one, though my dislike of having a guild title beneath my name :p I am primarily a healer, though if necessary I can and will dps for PvP. My btag is Karesinda#1720 and or mail/message me @Donthitpls and I reside on Tichondrius as mainly a druid on Horde.
  18. Rocket

    US Horde 80 PVE + PVP

    Hello all With the recent changes to the twink community I am looking for any people interested in doing level 80 content. If i get enough feedback here I will create a guild or join a guild if there is already one formed. I am Horde on the Illidan server. Please respond here or add me on...
  19. Warlord Daboo

    US Wargames 247 in game community!

    Hey guys, so far with the XPoff-XPon patch ques have actually been decent during peak hours around 7-10pm eastern. If you are on before or after these times ques get up to and over 45 minutes and no one wants to wait that long for a game even if it is competitive and fun. The easy solution to...
  20. Warlord Daboo

    US NINE - Illidan recruiting Twinks of All Brackets!

    NINE of Illidan is now under new leadership and is looking to recruit Twinks of all level brackets into our ranks! NINE is an active twink guild, mostly in the 19 bracket for now, and is populated by skilled and friendly players. We are willing to help out with advice, gear, BG wins, and to...