1. Ri-Ri

    Enchants for 10s

    Hello, I have recently picked up twinking at 10s and have been at a loss for what enchants to use. Everything seems to be locked behind the "Cannot use on items over level 50." I am currently gearing a resto shaman, Angelori (Draenei Shaman) US-MoonGuard, and wanted to enchant my warforged gear...
  2. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Dragonflight

    Hello, it's Jonnes again! After the warm reception to my Shadowlands guide, I've decided to go for round two and make a guide for Dragonflight. Again, this guide will be edited as new information comes out, as I would like to take every effort to keep it up to date. Please leave as many...
  3. senseisamxd

    Question on shoulder enchants

    So, I've been seeing a lot of armories where they have +2 AP and +2 crit on shoulders. example: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/bleeding-hollow/Anthania Any info on where to get it? I've been scouring the forms and wowhead for a while with no luck
  4. sxcpablo

    Mark of the Hidden Satyr question

    Hello, i've been playing with a lvl 10 arcane mage on a f2p vet account for a couple of weeks, i already learned the rank 2 Mark of the Hidden Satyr, but i can´t get enough chaos crystal to make this enchant, i managed to get 6 DE upgraded items from quest, but i'm stuck, i tried crafting rank 2...
  5. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Shadowlands

    Hello! I had been planning to make an all-in-one guide for level ones for quite some time, and thought now would be a good opportunity with the new forum category. This guide will be edited as new information comes out, as I would like to take every effort to keep it up to date. Please leave as...
  6. Jonnes

    PTR Shadowlands items to keep an eye on

    Did some poking around on Wowhead, filtering different things by required level. If you catch anything that was added/changed, let me know and I can update the list. [NOTE: Just about all of these numbers are changing every week. As of this edit, most are lower. Will update them concretely once...
  7. Bigbus

    Best Main-Hand Enchant for Warrior FC's

    I see a lot of lifestealing, i have this on my fang and it does well, but I'm wondering if the mitigation from +15 agi (dodge & armor) might be better for fcing.. anyone ever done the research?
  8. 29 Rogue questions

    Hi guys, I'm almost done with my 29 rogue on Dragonfang (EU) but have a few final questions which I hope you could help me with! Here is the gear I'll have (will obviously upgrade to Arathi belt and boots in phase 4)...
  9. Jonnes

    US Did some testing with Lifestealing and Ele-Force

    I've been Level One Twinking forever (as those of you who know me know) and I've stockpiled lots of different enchants and loved being able to swap between them. I haven't tested too many things lately but with all the party sync gear excitement I decided to run some tests. Ele force used to...
  10. US Am I the most geared 39 rogue world?

    I have been making this claim for a while, simply because I haven't managed to find proof that I'm not. The closest I have seen is Tapout's 39 rogue Krum. Here's my rogue's armory: Gnarliex Notable things not shown -Northrend Engineering -Another Scaled BvB -Vanquisher's Sword Help me find out...
  11. Leg Armors and Spellthreads

    Currently working on my priest, and I'm having trouble figuring out, not only which Spellthread to use, but how to apply a Spellthread to BoE greens without making them bind to my 120. Not much current info that I've been able to find, but I might just not be looking hard enough, or smart...
  12. BFA Enchants and Twinks

    TL;DR - I made a youtube video for you to dislike basically just run coastal surge or gale-force if you wanna use new enchants Haven't caught much word about these so I decided to do some testing myself. Things to know new seal / pact ring enchants only give 1 stat as the others do at lvl 20...
  13. Shajina

    + 2 Stats on Bracers

    Hello dear XPOFF Comunity Can anyome tell me the name of the bracers enchant + 2 stats? I can only find; http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/38987 and http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/38898 Greetings Shajina:)
  14. jackblood

    Class changes for level 20 tank twinks

    Some of my thoughts: Primary stats are now way more important for Prot Warriors, Prot Paladins, and Brewmasters. Stagger now scales with Agility while Armor scales with Strength. Prot warriors also scale their Stamina. This also means Landslide is no longer a good enchant for Brewmasters. I'm...
  15. Holythane

    EU WTT GFED Items for Fiery Blaze Enchant,1-19 Transmogs,TCG Items

    UPDATE 2018: MAY ACCEPT GOLD FOR SOME ITEMS IF THE OFFER IS GOOD, NO LOWBALLS. Selling a number of rare and unobtainable (Gfed) items on multiple realms I only trade for TCG items, other items that I need, or gold. Every TCG item I have on my account is from trading unobtainable or rare items...