1. What is the best races for casters? (retail/10s)

    Im pre making toons so I can stop subbing and im not sure what to pick for casters. Im unsure what there lacking in or what would be the most convenient. So what do you guys think of my choices below ? Right choices or wrong choices? Mage : Alliance] Void Elf? (casting racial)...
  2. Maeive

    [10s] Grandfathered Item List

    Finally compiled a list to help any 10s out there looking to get grandfathered before Cataclysm :ez: 10s Grandfathered Cata List Also contains a loose armory page of characters I've already created to get a jist of what some builds can look like
  3. Zpectre

    LvL 11 or LvL 20 character

    Question: Which is more fun to play PVE? As of now I have a Druid, warrior, monk and mage @ LvL 10/11, but I am curious if it makes any sense to level them to 20? Note: I do not wish to take part in any pvp activities
  4. Emelia

    Impossible/Hard Quests: 10s

  5. Lin

    [Underbog] Viable mail gear alternative

    Soo... apparently it isn't that common knowleadge, but you can get decent Mail Chest and Legs from TBC's Underbog: Shamblehide Chestguard Barbaric Legstraps Both of those are rare (blue) 3 gem slots with Cirt and Haste stats. Since it's mail with AGI/ INT stat it only applies to Shamans and...
  6. Ventorath

    Shadowgrasp Totem Min. Level Testing Results [Final]

    UPDATE: Finished Testing, have fun :) Hello, I know that Shadowgrasp Totem is just as broken as Ooze at level 20, but the only information I could find on it working at other levels was that "it doesn't work at 10" and "it only works at 20". I knew that wasn't quite right, as I know someone...
  7. Ri-Ri

    Enchants for 10s

    Hello, I have recently picked up twinking at 10s and have been at a loss for what enchants to use. Everything seems to be locked behind the "Cannot use on items over level 50." I am currently gearing a resto shaman, Angelori (Draenei Shaman) US-MoonGuard, and wanted to enchant my warforged gear...
  8. Vibbe

    Ten Twink Inc • The revival of 10s

    Elo Boys n Girls! Me and some good friends are going to revive one of the brackets that we hold closest to our hearts! Many years ago on retail we hosted and pretty much held the whole activity of 10s. With everything from bg’s, world-pvp, raid & other pve content. Even as far as guild vs guild...
  9. List of Quests That Can Proc Epic (ilvl 87)

    This is not fully tested, but any corrections/additions are welcome. Quests marked as Green, reward a green, but can upgrade to a blue ilvl 61, and double upgrade to an epic ilvl 87. Quests marked as Blue, will grant a guaranteed a blue ilvl 61, and have a chance to upgrade to an epic ilvl 87...
  10. Gearing a 10 BM Monk

    Hello, I'm looking for a bis list for 10s brewmaster monk. I'm using it to carry some dungeons. I'm curious which weapons are bis atm and what enchants on it? I have gear with sockets, using Hunger of Pack and which trinket would be bis for such activity? Any recent guides, because i cant find...
  11. ohti

    10s Quick Start Gearing Guide [Shadowlands]

    Join XPOFF Discord Here Join level 10 Alliance Community Here Join level 10 Horde Community Here (no link yet) Introduction Hello, and welcome to the Shadowlands 10s quick start gear guide. The purpose of this guide is to give new 10s a solid reference and foundation when gearing their brand...
  12. 10s info question

    I just got into 10 twinking yesterday. I want to make a lfg tank/speedrunner to have fun and level other toons. I've been digging through this site for info, but it all seems contradictory or out of date. Read the shadowlands 10s guide. But that seems to be "farm bfa BOEs" but other threads talk...
  13. Mythic BFA Dungeon Gear has no LvL requirement

    This may be a profitable buisness if anyone can bring lower levels into BFA Mythic Dungeons (iLvl 85 is obvs BiS for everyone *but* 50s) Can someone test if you can bring a lowbie into a mythic dungeon?
  14. pokspell

    (NA) 10s in Game Communities

    Join the in game communities for 10s below! Alliance Horde
  15. ohti

    Farming Friends (10s EDITION) (Btag List) (EU/NA/OCE)

    Join XPOFF Discord Here Join level 10 Alliance Community Here Join level 10 Horde Community Here (no link yet) Post in this thread with your Btag, faction(s), and region if you're looking for people to farm with or just some new WoW friends interested in the same thing you are, 10s! BoEs...
  16. Mage Portals before Level 24 (F2P/Vets/10s)

    Probably common knowledge at this point, and it will probably get fixed. At 10, you get portals to Shattrath, Northrend - Dalaran, and TOL BARAD (level 30 zone), despite Portal being a level 24 ability (also Horde mages get Stonard). This should also apply to F2Ps/Vets as well. Base Portal...
  17. pokspell

    10s Armory List

    Join XPOFF Discord Here Join level 10 Cross Faction Community (US) Here 10s Armory List Death Knight Frost Blood Unholy Druid Restoration Balance Feral Guardian Hunter Survival Marksmanship Beast Mastery Mage Frost Arcane Fire Monk Windwalker Mistweaver...
  18. ohti

    Shadowlands Level 10 Picture Thread

    Anyone else staying at 10 or level up to 10? Idk, maybe this thread will be a dud (or maybe I'll be the only one who actively posts in it I'm cool with that too xd.) This might go without saying, but until a 1-9 picture thread is made I welcome any 1-10 twinks to share their PvE adventures...
  19. toonn

    EU+US 7,3 feral druid

    Hello guys i know 10s got a nerf but im still going to make a new char. feral druid so im asking what is the best gear i can get from quest ah ect bgs . also what stats im needing in 7.3 THANKS toons!
  20. TwinkOrRiot

    EU <Twink or RIOT> Recruitment (A) - Ravencrest

    What are we? We are a 10 - 19s guild. Twink or RIOT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where are we? Ravencrest - Alliance / EU...