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War Withing Level 20 Changes

The War Within Alpha is now here so I thought it was time we started collecting some information about it.
Nothing in this thread is final, Blizzard can still make changes, and a lot of this is just information taken from Wowhead or things said in interviews.
If you find more information about anything relevant, please post it in this thread and I will add it.

Dragon Isle Zones
Dragonflight zones now scale on the Alpha

The Waking Shores = 10 - 70
Ohn'ahran Plains = 20 - 70
The Azure Span = 30 - 70
Thaldraszus = 40 - 70
The Forbidden Reach = 50 - 70
Zaralek Cavern = 50 - 70
Emerald Dream = 60- 70

Players that have completed the campaign on an alt can also choose to do Adventure Mode.
This lets you do any of the four main zones from level 10.
Note that this won't be available to F2P players, only Vets.

Level 20 Dragon Isles Content
A lot of World Quests seem to be scaling down to level 10 (see here).

Unsure if low levels will be able to unlock World Quests tho.
(Note that the unlock is Account Wide, so Vets will likely have access to World Quests while F2Ps will not)

A lot of the Zone Event quests also scale down to 10.
Here are some examples: Community Feast, The Big Dig, Grand Hunt, Dragonbane Keep.
This means that you should be able to farm Renown and Reputation for at least Dragonscale Expedition, Valdrakken Accord, Maruuk Centaur, Iskaara Tuskarr, Azerothian Archives and probably more.


We will have access to the following Dragonflight dungeons:
Ruby Life Pools
The Nokhud Offensive
Brackenhide Hollow
Halls of Infusion
Algeth'ar Academy
The Azure Vault
Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
You can do all of these as Follower Dungeons too.


Deephaul Ravine is a new Battleground being added in War Within and it will be available from level 19.

You can learn flying at level 20 in War Within, which makes you able to fly at 220% speed.
However, Wow Remix: Mists of Pandaria character will have access to Artisan Riding and fly at 280% speed once they get kicked out from their game mode.
You can also unlock Dragonriding at level 10 from the quest https://www.wowhead.com/beta/quest=68795/dragonriding.


Evokers and Dracthyr
Evokers are going to be starting at level 10.
You can see available spells here.

In an interview with MrGM, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that Dracthyr will have more class options in War Within.
However, this feature might not be ready in time for the start of War Within and may arrive later.


Warband General Info
This is probably the biggest change in War Within for F2Ps.
Warband is a new account wide system that Blizzard is introducing, your Warband will consist of all your characters on your entire account.

There are currently five major mechanics of the warband system that effects us:
The Warband Bank , Warband Reputations, Warband Currency, and Warband Bound Items.

Warband Bank
The Warband Bank is an additional bank next to your regular bank and reagent bank. Each tab that you unlock has 98 slots.
Any non-soulbound item can go into the Warband Bank. Any character in your Warband can access the bank to deposit and withdraw items.

The 1st tab will cost 1,000 gold to unlock
The 2nd tab will cost 25,000 gold to unlock
The 3rd tab will cost 100,000 gold to unlock
The 4th tab will cost 500,000 gold to unlock
The 5th tab will cost 2,500,000 gold to unlock
This means that F2Ps will only have access to the 1st Warband tab.


Warband Reputations
All War Within and Dragonflight Reputations will become Warband reputations, this means that they are shared across your entire warband.
However, you will only be able to get reputation once from each source, so if you have already gotten reputation from a quest once, you won't get the reputation again if you complete the same quest on an alt.
Blizzard has said that they will work backwards adding even more expansions later, meaning we will likely see more reputations becoming warband reputations at a later time.


Warband Currency
You will be able to transfer some currency between your characters
Currently the currencies we know of are:

Champion's Seal 100%
Timeless Coin 100%
Nethershard 100%
Curious Coin 100%
Trial of Style Token 100%
Seafarer's Dubloon 100%
Honorbound Service Medal 100%
7th Legion Service Medal 100%
Reservoir Anima 100%
Infused Ruby 100%
Grateful Offering 100%
Cataloged Research 100%
Cyphers of the First Ones 100%
Dragon SIles Supplies 100%
Elemental Overflow 100%
Riders of Azeroth Badge 100%
Paracausal Flakes 100%
Mysterious Fragment 100%
Undercoin 100%
Resonance Crystal 100%
Soul Ash 83.33%
Soul Cinders 83.33%
Cosmic Flux 83.33%
War Resources 76.92%

Note that some currencies have a conversion rate when transferring, written on the right side of the currency above.
For example, if an item has a conversion rate of 76.92% and you want to receive 1000 of said currency it will cost your other character 1300 of that currency.
A conversion rate of 100% means that you don't have to spend any extra when transfering.


Warband Bound Items
Currently we have Binds when Picked Up, Binds when Equipped, Binds to Account
Now Blizzard is adding a new type: Warbound until Equipped.

You will be able to send this item to different characters in your warband through the warband bank.
However, once you equip the item on any of your characters it will be turn soulbound and be stuck on that character.

Here are some Warband Articles I recommend reading too cuz there is a lot of info:

Gear Changes
Blizzard has decided that it's time for us to regear our chars.
Level 20 Dungeon Epics will now be ilvl 89.
Level 20 Dungeon Rares will now be ilvl 84.
This means that the stat difference between Rares and Epics will be very small and Burning Crusade gear will once again be BIS due to socket slots.
(Note that the stats on the items have been lowered even though the ilvl has been increased)

War Within BIS list can be found in the post below

Transmog Changes
There will be some QoL Transmog changes coming in War Within.
Completing quests will now award all appearance rewards, regardless of weapon or armor type.
Looting Binds when Picked Up items will also award the appearance, regardless of weapon or armor type.
Selling or deleting gear will also award the appearance, just like how it works for poor and common quality items right now.
However, none of this will work for Class specific items and sets. Those still need to be obtained on the correct class.
The transmog collection tab is also getting an upgrade, you will now be able to view transmog for other classes by switching class in a dropdown bar.


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