Non-BFA potential 110 twinks.

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by Infomerc, Apr 22, 2020.

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    Huge amount of help, Villainsv. The first idea seems my only hope.

    As far as leading, 1. I'm a 110, and 2. I'm only now getting serious with the content and learning the fights. I'm not qualified to lead anything.

    EONAR: As lowbie, I'm usually on ship duty. Today, I was on another char doing Eonar. Small group again, but I'm the only one NOT 120. First wipe had something to do with the adds, apparently...not the ship.

    Second wipe: At the second or third trip to the ships, I got there late, and we were slow to kill the add. We had a 120 warr I think and a 120 Healing priest. By the time we got to the crystals, they were black and unclickable. Is that because we were too slow? Even a veteran player was puzzled.

    Big chunk of the team bailed. Luckily, this group then just skipped Eonar (unfortunately for that priest who came only for Eonar). We finished without major issue.
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    You don't need to be an expert on the fights, most are 10-second facerolls. Just focus on knowing the way, helping stragglers not be lost, and enforce your own rules. Someone ninja pulls when half the raid is still running to boss, and they've been warned already? Raid warning for everyone to wipe, kick offender. Eonar is the only 1 that needs a strategy - and is conveniently skippable. Aggramar needed some strat too at BFA launch when dps was low and tanks went flying off, but now it hasn't been an issue since 8.2 gear levels.

    Yeah that's a massive fail on the part of people not splitting up and nuking adds. It's one fight where it's tricky to go with few people since 4 of you can't help with adds.

    Just get 4 people to go, and no need for a healer really. The add should die in 2-3s if 120s look at it, then having 4 people who are marked helps with everyone splitting up and going to a separate crystal. If you have less than 4 it's still doable where 1 person can click 2 crystals, but that person had better have some speed boost.

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