It's time to say goodbye

time to bring my WoW presence to an end.

This is a result of Blizzard selling out or whatever. my interests have been captured by other hobbies.


/Salute to one of the classiest guys to tinker pixels. Much respect to you and for all you have done for this community. Enjoy your time away from this game and I wish you the best with everything in life, for you and your family. This entire 'Community' is going to miss your presence without a doubt and I surely hope we all get to see you grace these forums every now and then,..or from time to time in game. But if a few months turns into a few years just know that your legacy will always be held to the highest regards by all of us. "Lok'tar Ogar Chops....all the best!"
Very new to Xp-Off and was delighted to see an active community around a niche part of wow, Google is unusable and SEO'd to the ground and reddit is meh and revolves more and more around the FOTD and karma chasing but here I found real info!

I kid you not, this site was recommended to me on ChatGPT when I was looking for old dungeon skips and speedruns.

Chops, your name was all over the place and was often found where the 'good stuff' was. Kept that in mind while browsing those forums and then I stumbled upon this thread!

Salute to you and all the other members, Hopefully you'll find time to do what you love and if you ever come and check after a while you'll see things heading in a better and better way,
As someone who loved your Chopsvlog (I loved the atmosphere), and discovered Xpoff thanks to you, I can say you had a big impact, not just for me, but for the community. You are certainly on of the most helpful and most funny guys I met on this forum. Especially your wise arguments/choice of words always fascinated me. Sometimes you stood up and defended the bracket when no one else did, or the opposite, you gave a clear view of what's wrong. I've been only been around on this forum for some years, but Chops appeared for me to be the backbone of the community, which I think describes his career well :D
May your future be blessed, enjoy whatever you're planing to do, and please bless us also sometimes with your jokes ^..^
I'd say it is nigh impossible to overstate how much you have brought to the community, Chops.

Either by schooling the new twinklings into searching the goddamn forums for guides or by helping organize events and Solo Shuffles, the entire of Twinkhood stands in a better place - thanks to you.

Yes, I do regret now not having transfered my character to Kel'thuzad to be a part of the legendary <Teldrassil Firefighters>. Maybe, in another timeline, we would get to be best friends: a Warrior and his Pocket Healer.

Stay in peace, brother!
Oh god, please Chops this place is insanity don't leave us

No, but really, thanks for all the work you did for this scene. Twinking survives solely on the shoulders of those who bled to make it better. /salute
Andre and I have often joked that “39 is the last true twink level” both in game and in life. I’ll be 39 in a couple months and it seems like a fine time to bring my WoW presence to an end.

This isn’t a result of Blizzard changing the game or selling out or nOt LiStEnInG tO tHe PlaYeRs or whatever. Classic exists, after all, and by all accounts DF seems like a reasonably good version of the game. It’s just that my interests have been captured by other games and other hobbies. And I’m a sentimental guy, so the idea of my WoW Career coming to a close in the same place it really took off, WOTLK 39s, has a nice, poetic symmetry to it.

I’ve loved the Warcraft IP for almost 3 decades now. Azeroth has been, at times, a very large part of my life and at other times, something that just simmered in the background. I have no doubts that it will continue to exist in my life in some capacity until they turn the servers off. I might play a little more of WOTLK Classic. I’ll probably log on my F2P as new xpacs roll out, just see the content.

But as a game I actively play? WoW's days are mostly over. Just how over? We’ll know when they announce Cata Classic. Or Wrath Classic +. Or whatever comes next, because whatever comes next… I won’t be there.

I’ll be stepping down as moderator too. I’ve always believed that this place should be run by people who are passionate about and actually play the game. That's just not me anymore. I’m very happy with where we’ve managed to shepherd the forums. I had a couple goals for the site when I became a mod and the update to XF2 was the last to check off the list. So, my work here is done.

I’ve made a number of friends in this game, on this forum and specifically in Teldrassil Firefighters/Soccer Dads. To shoutout every single person would be tedious and unfair because I would, of course, forget someone. I am deeply, deeply proud of this little community and knowing all of you (well, most of you) is a true joy. If you’re asking yourself “huh, I wonder if Chops means me” please know that the answer is yes. And it’s yes for a lot of you that probably aren't asking that as well.

It’s been a wild 18 years, guys. I am grateful for the part so many of you played in my enjoyment of this game and I hope that in some small way I helped you enjoy it as well.

Thank you, Chops, for your input! Your contribution is appreciated. You did a really good job. Wish you good luck buddy. GL <3
This makes me sad but incredibly happy for you my friend. This makes me feel old haha 39? Damn I just turned 34 and feel ancient. Life’s better outside of wow surprisingly enough.

Bro how are your snapping turtles? Did you ever get the big fish tank for them?
Bro how are your snapping turtles? Did you ever get the big fish tank for them?
I love turtles.
I spent my childhood catching snapping turtles and snakes.

Turtles are bros.
Bro how are your snapping turtles? Did you ever get the big fish tank for them?
I only have one snapping turtle but I built him a
240g. I moved to Florida and the biggest one I had wasn’t legal to keep down here. So i let him go at my work and I still see him sometimes. How’s life for you man? Still over yonder?
I gotta say man, it has been an absolute pleasure playing with and knowing you. For many years, I looked forward to logging on and queueing up games, whether it was WoW, HotS, or just hopping in Discord to shoot the breeze. I hope that I was able to provide as much insight into the game as you were to me.

Even though I didn't start out in 39's, it was a "happy accident" that I logged onto my 19 shortly after the infamous XP patch in WotLK, and queued up without even reading the patch notes (because who did back then?) and dinged to 20. Instead of crying over spilt milk, I decided to join what I still consider to be the greatest bracket and era in all of WoW's twinking history, WotLK 39's.

I can confidently say that my experience within WoW has been elevated because of your presence brother. I hope you enjoy retirement, and since I have a ways to go before I ding 39 IRL, I will still be here grinding it out through the ups and downs, so hit me up when you return.

Full Sandwich!


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