Farming Friends! (F2P/Vet tags)

need help farming crow wing reaper on US alliance i have no twink friends and im not playing on a twink realm my btag is Evilkin#11919 i made the mistake of rolling a hunter and then finding out near the end of gearing that the 2 hander isnt on hunter loot table for survival : \
[Vet] [H] [BG]
EU - Krag'in
[Vet] [H] [BG]
I'm keen for pretty much anything a f2p can do, especially for getting into dungeons that drop good gear so if you've got Chromie Time let's be buddies!

[F2P][H] - Timur#11224 - Americas
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EU - Tarren Mill
Looking for people to farm dungeons with , especially Stratholme

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