Farming Friends! (F2P/Vet tags)

For NA Horde, please feel free to join Horde Farmers Union - it has over 200 toons on the list and is for lvl17,22,24/25, farmer toons for farming Classic, MOP, Legion, and BFA BOE gear appropriate for lvl20 twinks. You can also park any of your toons there to keep an eye on any farming sessions.

Unfortunately the code is not static, but If you're on any of the Horde20s Community channels, please pm Supacow/Invisabull, Gogotank, Hashfarmers, Farmtruck/Polemistis, or Clinkz. Or you can ask around for the invite link since tons of people have their farmer alts in it.
Vet(Sub atm) - EU - Alliance - Draenor (Move when full)


Lf ppl to farm and play pvp.
Actually farm with lvl 25 legion, add me if you want join.
Heya !
Babynova#21674 (farmer account, EU-Alliance-ravencrest)

BymD#2195( Vet Twink account, EU-Alliance-Ravencrest, MM hunter 20)

Looking to farm BOE Classic (lvl17) Pandaria BOE (lvl 22) And BOE legion (25)

Hit me up for any farm !
I am unsubbed, bit would like someone to do Shadow Lab for quest and farm The Shattered Halls for Gauntlets of Desolation. Vikingen#2499 Alliance on Outland
Anyone wanna farm some BoE:s with me? Just add me on bnet EU HORDE. lighze#2375
[doublepost=1644509148,1644507868][/doublepost]Anyone wanna farm BoE:s on 24/25 chars on EU horde? then add me on bnet: lighze#2375

Farming BoEs from MoP area with 22lvl characters. I'm playing Horde side in Europe servers.

Btag: Akumies#2621
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HORDE EU - pozzo dell'eternità - italy server
Sorry if is not the good place to write.

Hi,i'm farming green boe 28il, if s1 wanna come add me. My time will go off 20 March 2022


Farming ilvl 28 boes. Triple hunter + lvl 10 monk. Especially interested in HM crabs and other farms dropping thunder totem rings.

Searching for: aurora speed+socket rings/neck/cloaks DM. If you got

Alliance, EU, Ravencrest.
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Horde, EU, Draenor
BOE ilvl 28 Legion/BFA Farm - Mage Arcane 24 / Hunter 25
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