concern with the merge


so with how dead a majority of the X9's have been for literal eons at this point because of the seperate queues, is it just over now?

sure queues are popping while everyones on trying to figure out whats going on, but what happens when theres less people on? we gonna just have 2 hour queues?
I wonder if the level 20 BoE market for soon-to-be vet characters will remain as strong as they were before this merge, or if a drop in either supply or demand for that market may happen, if/when F2Ps/Vets fighting BiS 29s will be a thing.
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Many of the people farming 20s gear will probably turn to farming 29s gear

People might also start farming lv25 gear more now.

There's no real benefit to leveling an old 25 to 29. You get a few more talent points but its negligible.
like 2 months of "if only we had 1 talent point more" into its just a few more talents, things do change fast around here.
I know at least seven ppl that would disagree with you.
theres not even dozens of you.
at least!
Might even be eight!
[doublepost=1660754529,1660754439][/doublepost]Also have had people that might level their 20s to 25 because they have gf'd enchants and Tier 3 on it.
theres not even dozens of you.
Who needs dozens when people already complain about fighting just me alone

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