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Would you like to separate levels in each spec?

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Brewmaster Monk
Your toon miss some gears,
just write back when he will miss like 1-3 things
have a nice day!

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Hey Again.

Almost done with my mage.
Please add her to the list aswell

XpOff - Arcane Mage ilvl 57
Id like to add my Demon hunter for consideration to be added. Current goal is to get 1 replacement warforged item with a socket for a second speed gem. And the dream drop is to get the headless horseman weapon to drop before the event is over aswell for the spell on it. Other than that its pretty gg.

Update: I got my socket. I wasn't fortunate enough to get a sinister slicer drop. But from what I hear the spelll does really crappy damage So its basically a cosmetic ability with minor crowd control anyway. I switched out some of my warforged gear with other warforged gear to adjust my stats to a be in a place I like more. I also experimented with different weapon enchants and I personally like this combo the best feels really good. I think this toon is done now. :)
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HOW ON EARTH DID YOU MANAGE THAT??? 10?! I bow down to thee... /bow
I made a demon hunter went all over the starting zone and got all the gear I could before I got to lvl 9. Then I farmed mobs till I was 1 bar away from lvl 10. Then I farmed imps for the lowest exp gain till I barely got into lvl 10. As soon as I was lvl 10 I logged off that toon and didn't touch it till gear update popped up on character select screen (took like 60 days).

Now heres where im not sure if I made a mistake or if it doesn't matter either way. I selected the option to clear my quest log. That may have been where I screwed up but maybe it doesn't matter I have no clue. So in the starting zone you have to complete the whole thing to unlock the portal in dalaran to get to your legion class hall and to get your legendary glaives. So I can confirm a gear update where you clear your quests and start fresh resets your hearth stone location to not be the starting zone and makes cromie your innkeeper. As far as I can tell I cannot get back to the starting zone to finish up this questline. Its possible there is some way im unaware of. I plan on opening a ticket and straight up begging to get sent back to the starting zone. But I wanted to make sure I was gg built before I open a ticket about it.

So maybe if you don't select the option to clear your quest log you will be able to complete it. Maybe it will not reset your hearth location to cromie and it will still be your starting zone. These are a lot of maybes for me I honestly haven't bothered asking anyone anything about it yet. So that's what I know and what I might or might not have done wrong.

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