shadowlands 10

  1. sxcpablo

    Mark of the Hidden Satyr question

    Hello, i've been playing with a lvl 10 arcane mage on a f2p vet account for a couple of weeks, i already learned the rank 2 Mark of the Hidden Satyr, but i can´t get enough chaos crystal to make this enchant, i managed to get 6 DE upgraded items from quest, but i'm stuck, i tried crafting rank 2...
  2. pokspell

    10s Armory List

    Join XPOFF Discord Here Join level 10 Cross Faction Community (US) Here 10s Armory List Death Knight Frost Blood Unholy Druid Restoration Balance Feral Guardian Hunter Survival Marksmanship Beast Mastery Mage Frost Arcane Fire Monk Windwalker Mistweaver...