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Would you like to separate levels in each spec?

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I believe I may have thought of a way to make a 10 DH twink... maybe. I have not actually attempted this yet, but I think I may have figured out a way to do it. Once I actually attempt this feat of impossibility I will post my results.

EDIT: OK so my idea was a total bust. lol it was never going to work due to restrictions in place on DH's while in the starting zone.
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Unless you're going for a full int build, I would replace your Ilvl 59s gems with speed gems (Straddling) to help facilitate aoe farming/kiting. Depending on how good you are at kiting, you could most likely solo WODs now :)

Nice mog/name combo!

the problem with mage is take damage too much and no heal, i have 29 almost full WF arcane mage, with lots of leech on gear (staff with 16 leech WF), but can't take a few hits, can't solo, lower level I don't know, I am gearing up a 10 to see, lol
yah my 10 mage doesn't have any trouble soloing...most 10 anything won't :/

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