1. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Farming BiS BoE i29s/i42s in Dragonflight

    Hello, it’s Jonnes again – bringing you another farming guide for level 1 twinks, but for Dragonflight this time. This one will specifically be an outline on farming your Bis BoE i29s/i42s. This guide is up to date as of patch 10.0.2 (Last edited Jan 6, 2023). What to Know I want to go over...
  2. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Dragonflight

    Hello, it's Jonnes again! After the warm reception to my Shadowlands guide, I've decided to go for round two and make a guide for Dragonflight. Again, this guide will be edited as new information comes out, as I would like to take every effort to keep it up to date. Please leave as many...
  3. Jonnes

    Quick, Easy, Solo - Infinite Bogling Root Farm

    The is a longtime staple of level one twink buffs, and I'm constantly telling my buddies about this method of farming them. I decided to write up a guide to save time explaining it, and also to simply share it with the community. This guide's...
  4. Jonnes

    Our Xpoff Discord section is going to be turned off for people without Vet/GF/Legend roles for a bit

    I won't get into too much unnecessary detail about this - essentially, a long time disruptive and disliked individual was banned from the discord. This individual was also known for having alternate accounts to troll with and spam people, and shortly after the ban someone ran a spambot in the...
  5. Jonnes

    (NA) WTB Level 1 Rogue Twink Gear

    Howdy folks. Looking to buy any ilvl5 BIS leather gear or jewelry that fit the criteria of BiS as outlined in my guide for level ones. Here are the templates: Head, Chest, and Legs +1 Primary Stat +2 Stamina +2 Secondary Stat A (Not Mastery) +1 Secondary Stat B (Not Mastery) +1 Tertiary...
  6. lvlonefun

    Trial of Style

    As a level 1, while you may queue for the micro-holiday event Trial of Style, once it pops and all players accept the invitation, you will receive the message "Character too low level for raid." and be booted from the group finder. You shall not pass! (Before everyone jumps on me with WE KNOW...
  7. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Farming BiS BoE Greens in Shadowlands

    Hello, it’s Jonnes again – bringing you another guide for level 1 twinks in shadowlands. This one will be specifically a guide on farming your Bis BoE greens. There are three sections, What to Know, What to Do, and Where to Go. As previously, I wish to give a lot of credit to @Winterly who is...
  8. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Shadowlands

    Hello! I had been planning to make an all-in-one guide for level ones for quite some time, and thought now would be a good opportunity with the new forum category. This guide will be edited as new information comes out, as I would like to take every effort to keep it up to date. Please leave as...
  9. Jonnes

    PTR Gems to consider if the Socketed greens stay through to live.

    The user @Ferender (in Winterly's thread for Shadowlands Beta) showed that BoE items that follow Legion loot rules can proc having a socket (as well as more secondary stats). @Winterly showed already that you can get greens from any mob scaled down to level 10, and all the leveling legion zones...
  10. Sponsor

    US Join the 1-10 Community [A]!

    Come join us in the new community group for 1 to 10 twinks on Alliance! This group will allow you to network with other like-minded twinks, share findings, talk achievements and much more! 1 - 10 Community
  11. EU Twisting nether Eu Level one twink guild.

    Hey, i know level one twinking is kinda dead, but i still want to try to get some more people in my twink guild :) any level 1 twink is welcome (Guild is in the realm called "Twisting Nether" Horde side) Just post below and we can figure something out!
  12. EU+US 1's Practical Item Compendium (Patch 7.2 Legion)

    I just wanted to pool all of the available Items a LVL 1 can use as of patch *7.2*. The List will include ONLY practical use Consumables, Tools, Toys and other Miscellaneous items (NO GEAR), Enchants or "Just for Fun" items. If I am missing anything, let me know and I will update, some stuff...
  13. Xtwink

    EU+US Offhands/swords, returning to level 1 rogues!

    So I noticed stab got renamed to sinister strike last night, checked ptr to see "Requires Daggers" and cried myself to sleep that night. Today I got on and told Jonnes about it, and he told me it's still worth checking so i went ahead and checked being skeptical about it. Came in to find out...
  14. Xtwink

    EU+US 7.1 Patch Changes to lvl 1

    THIS IS FOR LEVEL ONE, I'M UNAWARE OF HOW THINGS GOT CHANGED ABOVE THAT So as i was glancing around on twitter, i noticed that wowhead tweeted out that some level 1-10 abilities were changed in patch 7.1. I immediately updated my PTR and went to see for myself. Down below i have all the major...