Lvl 10 mistweaver, getting to Mechagon.

This is crazy. I just consumed my cells and parts to create another one. This is what I got
Oh also this guide is kinda alliance sided so ill throw this in for the horde. The horde starting point if unlocked already is on on the pyramid in zandalari. From a goblin npc named Gazlowe. Hes on the same lvl of the pyrimid that the portal room is on but outside. If your outside looking at the entrance to the pyrimid where the portal room is you go to the left to find him. He gives the starting quest "The Legend Of Mechagon".
I just want to add some info I gathered from this and other threads for anyone else who has to do this.

You DO NOT Have to farm the rep on your Horde alt to get to Kul'Tiras. Just use the Iskaar turtle boat (Young Belvo). I saw this mentioned elsewhere but no specific instructions.

The easiest spot to get on the boat is in Grixxly Hills at 80.75, 29.38. Just sit in the ocean until it comes. I think a full loop is 20 minutes? After that it will go to Azsuna and then Kul'Tiras. Get off at Kul'Tiras and you can continue the Legend of Mechagon quest line without farming the Zandalari Empire, Drustvar or Vol'Dun reputations to Friendly.

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