You've been banned from wargames

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Kresarian, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. Chops

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    I mean I'm not gonna argue with you. I'm the professional in this field and your are not.

    Regardless of what you think, competitive gaming is a sport. It simply doesn't make sense to think of it in any other terms
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  2. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    Just because the competitors think something is a “sport” doesn’t necessarily make it one.

    As for the “thousands of people expected to attend” a video game contest.
    Thousands of people do that for lawnmower racing too. Is that a sport? I bet it is in their eyes.
    Thousands attend robot fighting competitions. Is that a sport?
    ‘Thousands attend’ rock-paper-scissor tournaments. It is a way of life for them. A WAY OF LIFE. They wake up playing rock-paper-scissors. Got to bed playing rock-paper-scissors.
    Are they not ‘atheletes’ too?

    EVERYONE can be an athlete!! Wheee!!
    Hey ma!! Look at me, I’m an athlete now. Can you buy me a letterman jacket?
    “Great son, now go get real job so you can move out of my basement.”

    No matter how much people want it to be, video gaming is not a ‘sport’. It may be sporting but it is not a sport no more than many of the other items I have listed. Professional video gamers are not athletes. That’s not to say that athletes can’t be video gamers.

    If one considers video gamers ‘athletes’ one must consider everyone that does something well with their hands and fingers ‘athletes’.
    Sandwich makers, kitchen preps, seamstresses, locksmiths, painters, electricians, welders, massage therapists, the list goes on and on.

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    Dunning Krueger syndrome my friend.
    Gaming is slam pack full of it.
    My daughter used gaming/gamers in her thesis for her doctorate based on Dunning Krueger.

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  3. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    I know you're right in terms of definition, but still, there's lots of sports you don't have to be an athlete to compete. Darts and snooker for instance. Could we call those athletes athletic?
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  4. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    Fishing, poker, hunting, chess, eating...

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  5. Iild

    Iild u suck dude

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    dressage is an olympic sport, let that sink in before you complain about considering esports as real sports
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  6. Chops

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    I mean, it’s all pretty nebulous but GENERALLY I define sport as any endeavor that requires at least a little bit of physical coordination (and where performance can benefit from physical conditioning) and also pits you against another person who is simultaneously trying to not only prevent your win, but also win themselves.

    It’s not perfect and there are obvious exceptions like track and field events, though I’d say those are more feats of athleticism than sports but whatever. As you can see, its a rough thing to pin down.

    And I’m more comfortable calling people who participate in sport “athletes” than I am trying to parse which sports do and don’t count as athletic. Is a left fielder who spends 9 innings with his thumb up his ass an athlete? As much as say, Lebron? Because that’s really murky territory.

    Just... beyond irony
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  7. Stale

    Stale Grandfathered

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    You're a bit gullible lad, try to work on that. Or i'll ban you from the forums.
  8. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    In a world where everything isn't politically correct id go with athletes being athletes and gamers being gamers...
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  9. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    For most people, that works. But again, this is my field. It’s something I spend a lot of time on. And it has nothing to do with “political correctness” but rather establishing legitimacy of sport and competition. It’s admittedly more selfish than just trying to be nice.

    I can improve a “gamers” performance by training them physically, making them “more athletic” if you will. Does that not make them an athlete? If getting better physically improves your performance in a specific competition, what else would you be?
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  10. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    If you train a businessman and he becomes more productive at work because of the extra energy does he become an athlete? Business is competitive. Somethings fit, some don't.
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  11. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    Generally, I think of sport as having a mutually exclusive winner and loser. Walmart winning doesn't rely on target failing, for instance. Business isn't competitive like that (well... maybe that's another discussion) so it wouldn't be something I consider "sport" despite having competitive aspects.

    But we're losing the lede. There isn't a definition of "athlete" or "sport" either of us could give that the other can't poke at.

    So I'm just gonna play the "I get paid to do this" card and say I'm right ;)
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  12. Druiddroid

    Druiddroid Member

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    Go to downtown Las Vegas, NV. Find the pyramid.

    Esports is a growing industry, my friend. You seem to be a bit stuck in the past about it. It's okay. I know it's a strange new world where people say E-"sports" are people playing on computers with their fingers. But it's big and it has become a real profession for people. I love the people that come from it too, they are very hardworking, dedicated, positive minded people. I love Esports and what it has become and the people I have met and followed from it.

    Cheers mate, I know you're not going to change your opinion, but just take a moment to visit the pyramid some day if you stumble upon Vegas, and see what the new generation is bringing to this world :)
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  13. Neon

    Neon Grandfathered

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    Well that escalated quickly.
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  14. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    Fwiw, not even all coaches agree. Discussed it with my boss and hes of the opinion sports have to involve a ball... something that provides an degree of interaction and unpredictability.

    Which is interesting. He was a national champion weightlifter and coached at the international level. I would think he'd want Weightlifting considered a sport. Guess not.

    Though he also said he'd consider esports players as demonstrating a degree of athleticism. It's just not a sport.

    So there's two different professional opinions on the matter.

    (I still think I'm right)

    I hope it didn't seem heated. At least on my part. Wasn't my intention.
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  15. Sanit

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    while dressage is odd and i cant speak to the athleticism of those riders, i know for fax that riding a horse takes a shit ton of leg & upper body strength/stamina. source: sister owns horses, i rode a lot growing up.

    but i get where you're coming from w/ the fact that most of the performance is dependent on the animal not fking around.
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  16. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    No, I don't think it was heated at all <3

    I'll never get my head around a fat guy (I'm not exactly skinny) sitting in front of a PC being called an athlete. It's not the only 'sport' I feel the same about... I'm British, you know how many times I've sat in a pub drinking pints and playing darts/pool...
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  17. Psilocybine

    Psilocybine Veteran

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    Esports are the Xgames from the 90s.... much potential there but lets see if greed ruins it
  18. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    Except you're cherry picking definitions that would fit to your arguments and leaving out the rest. I'm getting tired of mopping the floor with you.

    It's like me saying: "birds have wings, therefore birds can fly. Rocks don't have wings, therefore a rock cannot fly. Do you have wings? No, so you can't fly. That means you're a rock."

    Is "business" a competitive spectator sport? Has it been a topic for the Olympics? Are there tournaments? I legit cbaaaaa
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  19. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    I'm not sure if any Vegas casinos run book on esports but there is a considerable amount of gambling.

    Oughta watch the highland games sometime. Nothing but fat guys throwing rocks. But holy shit it's so cool

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