You've been banned from wargames

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Kresarian, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. Kresarian

    Kresarian Grandfathered

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    Hello and thank you for checking out my post.

    So I was playing some bg's this fine friday evening and got into an argument with a fellow twink in my team. I was arguing that it doesn't take real "skill" to twink at level 19, and said, and I quote: "So you've got 3 abilities instead of 2 (since I play arcane mage and the player in question play survival hunter), Serpent sting, Kill command and Disengage. Much skill". I then recieved this message: /w from [Húgzy-BronzeDragonflight]: Hi. This is Astroqz from You've been added to the banlist in the 10-19 bracket for bad behaviour. Thank you. (followed by the player ignoring me).

    At first I was upset, but now I feel intrigued. Who is this man? Is he some "higher up" in the twink community or just some crazy person? Does he have the "power" to ban me from wargames?

    This is by no means a post to flame someone or put him down, I just want to know who he/she is, and if I'm now "banned" from wargames and other events in the level 19 bracket.

    Thank you.
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  2. Xhell

    Xhell Member

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    probably the same tool that whispered me with a fake GM whisper the other day after I destroyed a bg with my fire mage. Some people are crazy
  3. Chainz

    Chainz MOB

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    I checked his armory and saw he's EU. He's a random nobody. We started setting up wargames in october again after it died for a bit cus' of the BFA launch and I've never seen him in any of the wargames b4 the break and after. You're not banned from wargames.

    19 wargame discord:
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  4. OP

    Kresarian Grandfathered

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    Feels good to hear. Since I no longer play 120 I felt bad for a moment, since 19 twinking is all I do now. I do not want to burn any bridges before I even get into it. Cheers for your replies
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  5. Bowcow

    Bowcow OG Bowcow Since 2007

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    Yo @Kresarian

    Don't you panic bro, like @Chainz said, come join the 19 Wargame's Discord, get to know the current community!

    Look forward to seeing your Mage in the Gulch. ;)
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  6. Leek

    Leek Veteran

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    Definitely a fake. We twinks are outlaws ruled by no one.
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  7. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    People getting ‘skill’ and talent confused again.
    Skill isn’t anything special my friends.
    Anyone can have ‘skill’ at anything.
    You can have ‘skill’ at tic tac toe. International competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ at Rock Paper Scissors. (There is a international tournament for this!!)
    You can have ‘skill’ at paper folding. Competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ at balloon twisting. Competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ at vacuuming a floor. Competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ driving a riding lawnmower. Competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ for using a belt sander. Competitions for this.
    You can have ‘skill’ at (insert something here). You name it and people have taken it to the extreme.

    I have said it many times. SKILL IS A LEARNED TRAIT. Nothing more nothing less. You get it from practicing something over and over and over.
    It is nothing special.
    God given talent on the other hand... Too bad playing video games doesn’t take talent. Designing them does though.

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  8. Zioni

    Zioni The Mentor

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    Salt, rage and irrelevant teenagers?

    Welcome back to 19s.


    Real talk don’t let ppl get to you, it’s 2019 ppl need to get over 19s “competitive” it’s not the same anymore & never will be.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 9, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 9, 2019 ---
    Does NA even fill
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  9. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    Bla, bla, bla, skill is nothing special, bla, bla, bla.

    Getting good at something/being skilled at it still takes devotion and hard work, and you can't take that away from anyone. Be it a professional athlete in the Olympics or E-sports. Do you legit look at top athletes and be like "pfff, that's just some learnt trait by repetition, nothing special". There is also a reason why some players (at a pro level) stick out from the masses, be it raw talent, innovation etc.
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  10. artonkn

    artonkn Grandfathered

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  11. Melgane92

    Melgane92 Member

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    Hugzy is a cuck. Your fine bro. If itll make you feel any better ill hop on rq and pst you that youre unbanned in a similar format haha
  12. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    I am glad you agree with me.
    I never stated getting skilled at something didn’t take devotion my friend. If I did please find that quote and show us where I did.

    Comparing Olympics with playing video games, tsk tsk. As I stated, there are “pro-levels” of just about everything. Tic tac toe... rock-paper-paper... thumb wrestling... remote control car driving... fishing...

    Are people that play rock-paper-scissors athletes? Is thumb wrestling a sport?

    Hell, there are even World Texting Championship. Are all those people staring at their screens all day oblivious to what’s going around them ‘athletes’ ? Perhaps so...

    I actually stated in my former post there is a difference between ‘skill’ and talent, perhaps you didn’t read my post thoroughly. That is what truly separates the wheat from the chaff.
    BTW, I don’t consider E-sports participants are athletes. I think e-sports is marketing ploy by game manufacturers. It seems to be working very well so far.

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  13. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    There is also a world championship of pulling ugly faces...

    You are talking to guys who's only 'skill' is using puppy dog eyes to get their mums credit card though... Just tell em they're awesome. They'll get a twitch down below and go beat off in their basement.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 10, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 10, 2019 ---
    Can we have a dislike button mods? Or at least a you are diluting the gene pool button?
  14. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    You're obviously belittling the word "skill", even a monkey has the brain cell it takes to read between those lines, hence I had to elaborate to you that skill is not as simple as you put it out to be. Hell, you even wrote that "skill is nothing special", yet you agree on that it takes hard work and dedication.

    "Oh, so you became a lawyer? Meh, nothing special. I can read books. No, truely, if I really wanted to. Pss, so easy.... Simply a learnt trait" *fiddles with bellybutton and throws away empty beer can*

    Pro, as in professional, means you make a living off it. It is your "profession". I highly doubt that there are people living off Tic tac toe, nice try though. Meanwhile, there are people living off competing in E-sports.

    The difference between skill and talent basically defines how far up the mountain your starting point is. One start at the bottom, one start midway etc. With hard work and dedication, they'll all reach the peak. The non-talented players just have to work harder.

    What you define as is and isn't a sport, or "think", doesn't matter. There are set definitions, and E-sports is acknowledged as a sport in this day and age, get with the times. And yes, they go under the term "athletes" whether you like it or not.

    E-sports have been a hot topic at the Olympics as well by the way. My guess is that we'll see some form of E-sports at the Olympics in the future.

    Legit, how many times do you have to get debunked?
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  15. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    You're awesome. *passes tissue*
  16. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    Speaking of monkeys. US monkeys went into space, at least low Earth orbit. I bet that was awesome. So did poor Laika. She didn’t come back alive though. The Soviets intentially burnt her up.:(

    Yes, there are people ‘making a living’ at tic tac toe my friend. Just as there are people ‘making a living’ being ‘professional’ video gamers. Can they do it 30-40 years like practically every profession? It is doubtful. Most ‘pro’ gamers only last a few years at best. Only time will tell though.
    I will believe it when I see it that esports make the olympics. Talking is one thing. Doing is another. Many years ago BMX bikes were supposed to be in the Olympics as well. At least riding a bike takes athletic prowess. Better start doing some thumb & finger exercises just in case though!!!
    Perhaps quilting or needlepoint should be in the Olympics too! Maybe embroidery... Or guitar playing. Maybe a piano. All of those could be Olympic “sports”. You sit on your a$$ and move your hands/fingers in a predetermined sequence. Whomever does it the fastest with the least mistakes wins! Right?

    I have an even better idea for an Olympic ‘sport’, drawing. You can even have different categories for that one. Sketching... color... watercolor... acrylic... etc... and different categories within each category. Landscape... architecture... lifestyle... automobiles...
    I almost forgot digital artwork. How could I forget that?
    Art is a ‘skill’ BTW. I ought to know.

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  17. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    You're legit just trolling, cba. When E-sport athletes retire they have other options in the E-sports world, just like regular athletes, such as commentating, coaching, or even just streaming for entertainment etc. Just like soccer players play professionally at average from 18 years of age to 30 years of age, E-sport athletes do the same. You always have your "prime" age.

    And just like any sport, if you're the top of the best, you can easily retire early and live a normal life.

    And if you think pro gaming is just hitting buttons in a fast sequence, then pro soccer is just running in a field kicking a ball (seen 4-year-olds do that btw), cycling is just tramping pedals etc. You're legit so clueless it's insane.

    Some sports are heavily physically exhausting, others are extremely mentally fatiguing. E-sports doesn't require the same amount of stamina you know from other popular, regular sports. However, the mental fatiguing of playing for HOURS (this is simply when competing btw), the amount of focus it requires is on another level. This has been monitored and put forth as an experiment to see the mental strength and focus it requires of E-sports athletes, in order to compare their form of exhaustion versus the physical exhaustion you know from regular sports, and that concluded in that what regular athletes feel in terms of exhaustion, E-sports athletes feel it to the same degree, just in other categories. Now, I'm not talking extreme comparisons such as Tour de France, or marathon running, but you should get the idea (jk you're fucking clueless, but at least I'm trying).

    If any of your ridiculous "suggestions" actually held water, then sure. I'm not against expanding the Olympics to contain whatever as long as it's justified.

    Food for thought:

    "This weekend, thousands of people are expected to attend the International Dota 2 Championships in Vancouver, while millions more stream the event online.

    Anyone tuning in will see similarities with traditional sporting events, from a stadium packed with cheering fans to well-dressed analysts in headsets offering commentary between matches.

    Some of that structure has been borrowed from other sports, said Erik Johnson of Valve, the company that created the "Dota 2" game and runs the tournament.

    But there's a difference when it comes to competition.

    High-level gamers are being tested on how they handle the pressure of being watched by millions of people as they compete for enormous amounts of money, Johnson said

    "It's not a physical test, it's a mental test for a lot of these players," he said.

    You're legit digging yourself deeper and deeper. But then again, that seems to be a consistent trait of yours on these forums. Maybe that's your "skill".

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  18. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    As a professional coach of an actual Olympic sport, lemme just jump in here...

    Using the Olympics to define what is an isn't a sport and who is and isn't an athlete is dangerous territory. I don't think anyone would argue that rugby isn't a sport or that rugby players aren't athletes. But it hadn't been an Olympic sport for almost a century until 2016.

    It all really comes down to how you define "sport" and "game" and if you don't agree on those definitions you'll never find a common ground on what does and doesn't qualify.

    But I can tell you this. Esports competitions are defined by all the same things that define other sports. Physical dexterity and endurance, micro and macro play, mental acuity, etc.

    I think you're hard pressed to call esports not a real sport without setting up some pretty weird physical effort gatekeeping.
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  19. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    Dexterity? This mean all the time they spent wanking in the basement is training?

    But seriously, I don't care what they or anyone calls them, they're not athletes. They're athletes as much as a wwe star is a fighter.
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  20. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    Facts don't care about what you "think". The sporting world will still keep evolving and move forward despite you living in denial.

    Using the Olympics was more to bolster the whole argument because of the history behind it as "the" sports event dating all the way back to ancient Rome. So with the booming of the E-sports industry and its acceptance within the sports industry, and the fact that it's been a topic of discussion for the Olympics, makes it look like a good argument to bring in, since it carries a lot of weight.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019

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