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Question: If my friend and I play on horde, and we go to an alliance zone, say Elwynn forest, does that flag us for potential PVP? Or can we just level there with no consequence (besides guards aggroing and stuff)?
Made it to Mulgore where my friend is going to roll a tauren - got bit by a croc and almost died but I made it!


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We made it to level 10... one highlight: I glitched through the thunderbluff elevator at the top and fell straight down.... landed with 8 hp
Got to level 14! Friend had a scare when aggroing 5 mobs at once when I was oom... needed to pop hp pots and warstomp and totems... we got away :D

It's very fun - there's an attachment I can't describe because of the hardcore. Leveling professions and grinding for stuff feels fun and rewarding and I am grateful and don't ever want my character to die :;}}|
I started playing HC in 2020, & was on Bloodsail before the addon, when we had to record our entire run & have it reviewed.
FFW to this june when I killed my computer's motherboard during routine cleaning, only to finally replace it yesterday.
MIssed Launch & all the fun.

I find there to be a huge amount of corssover between HC & F2P WoW. True Solo-Delf Found Hardcore is a delightfully slow & methodical crawl while leveling, but every single thing you can do to make your toon more capable of survival is absolutely worth it.

150 fishing at lvl 10: Worth it.
grinding chests in Durotar for silver bars & green gear: worth it.
farming grey mobs for crafting mats & buff scrolls: Worth it..

The only TRUE meta is: SURVIVAL

I highly advise you to give HC a good solid try. By that I mean: don't quit after an afternoon of getting clapped by respawns in Fargodeep mine.
The HC mantra echoes loudly: WE GO AGANE
Hit level 16... at 15 we did the barrens centaur questline and faced off against
mr. lv 20 elite and panicked and didn't know what to do or how to fight (resisted most shit since it was a red to me) but we aggroed and had him running us down. A random lv19 rogue was there and asked for an inv mid fight, we got him in the party, he said cast r1 fb, as we are kiting him I set it up, we are panicking and running away, the rogue finally draws aggro and we down him together as 3. Bless him, it was crazy
Got to level 21... we did the water totem shaman quest which took us all around the world, including around level 28 mobs... had a couple of scares with elites, almost died during the quest to casters that did 100+ damage each each cast. very scary. but we survived. Did WC with no issues, people are very skilled and safe on the server. Also encountered the harpy elite fortunately I could polymorph her and we ran to safety :)
Died at level 37 to southshore guards at AV. My friend proceeded to suicide pact with me after mourning the death. I was OOM when I aggroed and panicked, got a blink off but it was not enough to survive the daze.

We leave behind:
300 fishing
300 cooking
250 eng
270 mining
And a hellava good time.


Every time I hear people talking about Hardcore WoW part of my brain thinks there must be a Softcore WoW and that it's all scrambled up unless you've paid for it. But if you play it long enough, every now and then, there will be a couple of seconds where its unscrambled and you get to see a boob.
I stopped playing Hardcore. Leveled a druid to 48 and a mage to 33. Both still alive. It was fun in the beginning, but now it takes hours to find ppl for dungeons and elite quest. When season of discovery starts, many people will leave hardcore I think.

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