Worth Coming Back After Long Hiatus?

Discussion in '19s Q&A' started by Cruelfool, Aug 13, 2018.

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  1. Cruelfool

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    I used be play WoW back in the day mostly level 19s 60s or a bit of endgame, a few people I know RL are getting back into it (end game only) I was wondering what is the state of 19s and 60s.
    Back when I played, level 60 bgs became non existant with xp off and 19s the queue times made it not worth the time.
    I been busy playing Path of Exile for the last couple years. :)

    Thanks in advanced for the info!

  2. necroaqua

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    19s is way better than legion. Gear and stats matter again. Theres some OP classes, but nothing like survival hunters in legion. Your 19 twinks are old and likely have some good GFd gear (I see inferno robe and argas rings already). Both rogue (combat) and mage (arcane) are rather strong right now.

    Queues are combined - so youre playing against levelers. So if wrecking noobs with no gear is your thing... If not, there have been some decent games when the twinks on each side more or less cancel out. I had a 2 twink healer vs 4-5 twink dps game that ended up being a 1-0 cap with 1 minute left.

    That being said, xpac drops like...tomorrow. So lots of ppl will be busy leveling mains. And servers are gonna take a shit. Can't really comment on endgame yet as its not really out.
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