What the %$& is Wildstar? Allow me to show you.

rofl are you srs?

It was actually a troll from the Devs.

They themselves "leaked" the command or it somehow spread. But when you actually typed that command, it would minimize your Wildstar client, open your browser on a youtube video of a Rick Astley song and play it.

They sure have a sense of humour. lol
I am looking for a Guest Pass (preferably EU)

PM me or type here :)
I am looking for a Guest Pass (preferably EU)

PM me or type here :)

Sorry, man. I'm not actually playing Wildstar myself. >.< I heard about that story from a friend and then googled it too.

I still hope you're able to get a guest pass, tho!
Still need a Guest Pass EU?

I am currently level 42 and loving it. I also played closed beta for a while but did not like it as much. Def a game worth playing!

I played in beta as well. I am still looking for a guest pass! :)

Hit me up if you have one it would be awesome.
Great game. Questing was a bit of a bore but the game really opens up 20+. My favorite aspect is the housing, so awesome.
I am level 50 already and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I speed-leveled and now am going back and doing all of the path stuff. There is a bit of level 50 content (Daily island, veteran dungeons, veteran adventures, PvP, Warplots, Raids). The level 50 veteran dungeons are not puggable at this time as people have no idea what the hell are doing and DPS think they are faceroll everything and just take all of the telegraphed damage and survive. WoW habits FTW!
Is lvl 50 max lvl?

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