What did you loot today?=)

Today we've received the wrong epic item, was trying for chest but only got the sword :(
How do you loot that on a warrior? Party?
Legacy loot system.

If you enter a dungeon with a max level, the boss will drop two items. If the max level logs out and is thus not eligible for any loot, the low level that killed the boss solo will get both pieces of loot.

Loot is always two random items in the loot table. Any item.
How many kills?
Only about 15 kills, give or take, on that character.
5 more if you count the kills on my warrior, so a total of about 20 kills on my F2P characters.
If you want to count my entire WoW history, it's over 1,000. I was running Stratholme back when it was a 10-man raid dungeon at level 60 and I've never even SEEN the mount drop until now.
Honestly, I have nothing to complain about my speed procs.

Also got this cool forged neck with a socket, but I think the Hidden Satyr enchant is better (which might be surpassed if I get more SL Gems).
Finally a TBC socket upgrade for my horde re-roll! :D
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I think the Savage Gladiator chest is better (about 33 secondary stats when Epic), but this one is nice as well. It has at least 21 Speed + 399 HP/10s!

Another one from me!

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