What did you loot today?=)

and what about getting to princess did you just clear the mobs? RR warlock yesterday need some tips on this run
Yes, cleared my way to the princess. However, I didn't really think about it, but if you have Precious Bloodthorn Loop, you can skip past some of the packs.

When I drop down the waterfall, I always killed that first hydra (I'm pretty sure you can skip past them if you sneak around, I didn't feel like it) then to that first Dimetrodon pack. These can chain-silence you so try to keep away. I would send the void to one of them, then Immolate->Conflagrate->Chaos Bolt that target, Immolate the rest, then Channel Demonfire, then Conflagrate->Chaos Bolt on a second dimetrodon and that should be two dead dimetrodon with the rest being down half health if not farther. Check your and your void's health. Funnel him if he needs it, Drain Life if you need it. They should start silencing at this point, be wary if you're close to them. Then burn the rest down.

The rock elemental pack patrol is no big deal. Immolate the big one, let them all gather together, then Channel Demonfire should take out all the small ones and the big one should be close to dead. Do be careful as the rock elementals' path does overlap the dimetrodon pack so you can end up fighting both packs if you're unlucky, which may be too much.

When you cross the bridge and have a choice to go right to Landslide or left to Princess, wait for the rock giant patrol to walk toward Landslide and I think you can sneak by the one that's just standing. (I always took him out just in case, I'm paranoid like that)

Deal with the second dimetrodon pack & rock elemental pack patrol the same as before.

When you get to the bridge leading to the Princess, you have to fight the rock giants in pairs; you can't pull one without pulling the one standing next to him. Send the void in first to take initial aggro, Immolate them both up and then burn them down. Once again, Health Funnel if the voidwalker gets low, Drain Life if you get low. Both pairs of rock giants should be pretty easy.

As to the Princess, send the void in and then just burn her down. As long as the taunt and AoE damage ability are on auto-cast, he shouldn't lose aggro for more than a second. He didn't seem to be taking all that much damage from her and I think I only needed to Health Funnel him to full health once. She will throw boulders at you which stun you for 1.5 seconds, but that's more of an annoyance than anything. Make sure you're at range so you don't get feared and you don't get knocked back by her ground pound. Should be a pretty easy and straight-forward fight

Edit: I'm going by memory so I may have missed something. Hopefully this helps.

Edit 2: I almost forgot, if you have access to Chromie Time, have her bring you back to the present timeline or you will be running the dungeon on Heroic/Mythic difficulty
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Not a speed or leech proc, but my first epic+tert proc on ranged weapon. Still hunting for +speed bow ;)
Screenshot 2023-04-19 061944.png
After some downtime, got something. This one is a second that drop from island completion, not from vendorbox.
This week is good to farm, probably gonna buy 3 boxes, more than 2 as i use to get casually.
Just getting back into wow again, do you que solo expeditions, if so what are the que times like ?
It's instant, as mentioned above. And the total run duration mostly depends on how fast you can find that extra coins (up to 3), so it's like 6-12 min.
My personal tactic there is all about that coins, since my avrg rate is only 6,5 dubloon/run and they provide great boost.
My DemonHunter was the 5th character I had tried on that day, I'd done my old BFA era Twinks first as most of them were equipped in Legion Greens so hadn't done the quests.
Leather wearing classes are the easiest, your basicly looking at getting the chest and then have two shots at boots.
Get yourself the Warmill/Dwarven Bunker and the Class Hall upgrades. I know theres some argument on whether these actually work outside their expansions but I'd rather spend the time and roll the dice than not.
By this point I had just passed 3 hours played on the character

Go and do Auchai Crypts first Its quick and rewards the chest and is the main thing your gonna want to try for (this is easier on a vet as you can LFG). If you don't get it bin the character and start again.

After getting the Chest I went and did a handful of regular quests just 2 or 3 and didn't get a proc so then I went and tried for the southshore sneakers also didn't proc so then i went to Auchidon.
Completed the Bracers first no proc then finally the boots and it proccd.

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