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Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Sarmlery, Jan 28, 2019.

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    These Points being important, and some insufficient. So let's so these 2 EU guilds have a on average of a 300+ player roster, and maybe some 20-40 people active online in EU's prime time, that still should give reason to people from those guilds to form 1-2 more 10 man's each, but instead the Bias and Opinionated community letting new players participate or even have a attempt at some wargames are never going to happen, sure these guilds should step up but, i still feel the only reason right now these wargames are evening happening on EU is the same Reason fearthebuns is carrying the community effort on his back, and i guess you can included @Ripduck for even forming the groups, the lack of games is more than likely due to the "ENTIRE COMMUNITY EFFORT", Match Mirror Comps that are required. (Really Just Used to be get some friends together Que into another team), If the Cookie Cutter Guides lines on how to form a Proper 10 man for any wargames continues, it will be the end of twinks. These include the now Illegal Jumps, Class Stacking ext...
    the list can be added from here.
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    I feel like a lot of new players are allowed to play in EU plebs. Especially since it's an evolving scene still. We mostly try to hit the sweet spot of having new players alongside experienced players and as close to meta classes as possible. There can be complications, sure, but generally I think it's handled very well, especially more-so recently. There used to be some complications in balancing out objective players and classes, but it's been going well lately.

    When you mention guild population and the idea of running 1-2 more plebs than what's already happening, you'll have to look at a few things.

    As much as I love wargames and the competitive nature of it, it doesn't mean that everyone else share the same idea. Some people just wanna play some pugs or do something else on their twinks and relax etc., and that's totally fine. If people wanna play wargames, then they are welcome to join, and if we ever reach a point where we can have multiple groups going, then cool, I'm all for it. But for now, that's definitely not the case. Another thing is where and when these wargames are played. Currently plebmades are played on alliance, whereas not too long ago, it used to be on horde. Not everyone plays both factions, and not everyone is able to play at the times the wargames usually happen (late at night) spontaneously on weekdays, or Saturday and Sunday for set times. (Things are usually announced on discord).

    The general wargame etiquette or whatever you wanna call it is there for a reason. We can all live in a pretend-world where we believe that warrior is just as good as druid, but this is just not the case. Having balanced teams around meta comps is what makes the best games (my own opinion, as well as others I would like to believe). I wouldn't mind scuffed (non meta) wargames as long as team balance is at the center of the game. I.e. not having one team being stuck with a warrior while the other team sticks with meta. But generally, having 2 meta comps going against each other is what usually brings out the best games.

    When it comes to jumps it's mainly druid-only jumps and actually glitched ones that are banned, with a few exceptions, such as GY jumps. Would it be any fun to jump out of bounds of the BG (especially with flag)? Or if a druid performs a jump that only they can do due to their movement speed? Or that EFC gets caught at GY/Ramp cuz 3 people do GY jumps on horde side? The rules are there to make the game as mechanically even as possible.
    Note mechanically, because we're still playing twinks, so shit like +12 agi to cloak or +13 sp to bracers etc. is fine, as long as it's not something super retarded, like 180 ilvl weapons etc.

    In my opinion, the best set of rules will always touch on a specific meta, but limit it to an amount where you are still able to think outside the box and switch it around a little bit. We have to realize that the game isn't particularly balanced around our bracket and map of choice (WSG). The guidelines are mostly well thought out, and quite logical as to why they are there. Any common sense towards the game will say the same.
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    Has it occurred to you that maybe vet joined during the last game of the day and you're assuming that's the only game EU managed to form?

    I almost stopped reading 30% into this post because of how clueless you are but i'm glad I stuck around to read the whole nonsense, every single point you made was wrong, that's impressive.

    Having 20-40 people online at one time does not for a second mean there should be daily 1-2 10man teams ready to queue a wargame, in-house or otherwise. Just take a look at the new guilds formed on NA in legion/bfa, Warlords of Warsong had a maxed-out guild roster and sometimes had upwards of 50 online at once, they had guild wargames (which were a mess, playing eots and making a rule not to cap in wsg) once or twice a month for 3 months and then it died out.

    Not letting new player's participate? let me just load up the last vod on vet's channel and list off the teams of the first game with the date they joined.

    Alliance side - 5/10 started playing in legion/bfa
    Quack - old twinker
    Sad - don't even recognise this name, probably a bfa twink
    Bestworld - wod twinker
    Benchpressx - wod twinker
    Zorkar - bfa twink
    Unplayed - old twinker
    Cayz - bfa twink
    Brannadig - bfa twink (?) i think
    Vet - legion twink
    Vianco - old twinker

    Horde side - 8/10 started playing in legion/bfa
    Ainiaqt - 95% sure he started before legion but i cant place when exactly
    Mnemosemi - bfa twink
    Blackout - invented twinking back in the summer of '69
    Vinna - bfa twink
    Plebby - legion (?) i think
    Tmpikaboo - legion twink
    Kalmah - legion twink
    Policecar - legion twink
    Marmen - bfa twink
    Yump - old twink but didnt play for years until legion

    Total 'New' Players - 13/20 (65%)
    I guess we should try to gatekeep better next time.

    The next 'point' you make is the biggest joke i've ever seen on this site, how can you be so uninformed on a topic and not have a shred of self-awareness?

    There's no denying buns contributes to the forming of games, on occasion. But he's not solely forming games, It's Kev, Quack, Chainz, Buns and Trigs all forming games on different occasions.
    And why the fuck are you mentioning Ripduck when he hadnt logged on WoW in months let alone EU until he played in those dogshit NA games a week ago, he doesn't even have a computer.
    Did you just pull names out your ass and hope they could be applied to any situation?

    The lack of games? I hope you're now talking about NA and not still about EU because there's no lack of games with an average of 4-5 every night they're formed and upwards of 10-12 on occasion.

    Mirror comps are by no means enforced in plebs, they're encouraged but games aren't cancelled if every class isnt mirrored.

    80-90% of the WoW population will find something to cry about when they lose, mirror comps are encouraged so there's no disparity of the flow of the game (mid vs o/d vs base to base etc) and nobody can point at the comps and say that's why x team is winning and leaving because of it.

    It's just making it easier to form also, I swear you monkeys who have never stepped foot in a plebmade have 0 idea how they form, everyone is 'drafted' in, you don't join as a 10 and wait for another group of 10 to join. Nobody wants to sit there waiting for 19 people to show up and then face 9 boomkins because apes like you don't want to have a fair mirror matchup, and i'm sure nobody who decides the fairest teams want to break out the spreadsheets and draw out on ms-paint how to fairly balance comps when you have random # of x class etc.

    Class stacking and other rules are enforced to prevent clown fiesta games full of broken abilities/enchants and comps that are just a joke, nobody wants to play against a druid/rogue only team, i wouldnt even want to play on it.

    Illegal jumps are in place to stop/prevent turtling and have been around since the Turtle Ratio days, nobody wants to have their gameplay disrupted because one team's FC has managed to get himself in a position where only ranged/nobody can attack him (and cant manually return the flag if he gets killed) just because he's a druid or a certain race.

    If you have anything else to say about plebs or wargames, say them in the form of a question next time because you have no idea about anything to do with them.
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    Its pretty good , although in an organised match i would not pick it
    It has 2 paths, burst damage (it can chunk ALOT of health if you pick the 90% hp talent)
    Or execute damage (enemy below 30% gives you quite alot of pyroblasts that can keep a stumbled healer stumbling)
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    +1 even though you slaughtered the dates most of us started playing.
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    Bbq sauce mage? Full guild formin rn. Hmu bros
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    I tried it for a bit it is fun enough to play in pugs. I play w my Wife's druid sometimes so I can 90% someone and she can finish the burst. I liked vers and haste > crit for this playstyle since your kinda always going to be 1 trickish anyway vers is the most helpful stat to the sheep>pyro>blast>pyro combo.
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