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    The FC'ing Guide
    A manual by Dan (Vanillamilk/Blueprint)

    For your eyes, and your eyes only.​

    Before you continue reading, you should know, that FCing is not a science, but an artform.
    And same as I tell my gym students*, only you can find out how to perfect your gameplay,
    *its your body, no one knows it better than you do.
    These are only tips, good willingly helping you become the best YOU you can be.

    First of, this will hopefully not only improve your performance ingame,
    but hopefully also learn you a thing or two you can carry along sides with you in life.

    I'm not gonna tell you what gear to get, I'm not gonna tell you how to use your 3 spells, I'm gonna show you how you're gonna master the thought process of FCing. If you manage to perfect all teese steps, you'll be one of the greatest flag carriers alive, I salute you.
    Some of the information does not only count for fcing, but also general knowledge, if you're openminded, and have run out of things to learn in your wow experience, I suggest despite the tl:dr, that you give it a try.
    Best of luck.



    • Get to the opposite flag
    • Avoid as much damage and attention as humanly possible
    • Watch your surroundings
    • Partake teamplay with your group
    • At all times have knowledge of enemy Flag Carrier status (health, positioning, teammates engaging)
    • Cap the flag whenever avaible, be prepared
    • Don't die.

    The guide may contain inappropriate content for children, viewer discretion is adviced.
    The guide is organized after which action you'd most commonly engage in first.
    And is valued in skill level from Beginner to Advanced & a rare Jedi edition.
    It's rated in the sense, that if you master & perfect the color chapter, you'd be judged as the title.

    Beginner: Yellow

    Mediocre: Orange

    Advanced: Red

    Jedi: (Lightsaber) Blue

    Everything I know about FC'ing, I have learned from women.

    One of the most useful tools you will want to know, I learned from my very first crush, Maja.
    I'm 10 years old, in primary school, moving in for the very first kiss of my life.
    Without remembering clearly what happened,
    the next thing I recall, I've been pushed into the radiator behind me, and my head is bleeding.

    Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up!

    The first thing you're gonna wan't to know about fcing, is that, not only should you prepare for the worst, BUT that you should be prepared to make mistakes. Don't worry, its human to fail. Reflect over whatever issue you had, and try solving it, what could you had done different for an alternative outcome? It's human to fail, all you gotta do is avoid running into the same situation again.


    I'm in highschool, just got the "yes" after having the balls to ask out "that" cute girl from school.
    Telling my mother I have a date, the first advice she gives me is - preparation.

    Preparing for the match of your life

    You've just entered the gulch, the clock IS TICKING. Underestimate this all you want, but using your time wisely is the first key to mastering the game.
    Check the scoreboard, you're going to want to know as much about your enemy as possible, as fast as possible. Depending on what setup the oposite team is, this is gonna construct how your WHOLE game will be played. You're only halfway there, cause you'll need something to compare the oposite team to, guess what, - thats YOUR team.

    How are the class setup matched to your own team? Visualize the classes matching up against eachother in a brawl, who's gonna win? What are the odds of your team being able to take mid straight off? Or maintaining mid control more primarily. How many stealthing units does the oposite team contain?

    Just 2 rouges and a offensive druid means you have to take in perspective only seing 70% of your oponents. 30% of your oponents could be lurking behind your back. Make it more realistic and say that the 1 druid is out of your ass, busy... these 2 rogues will rutinely have a magnifying class up your ass 80% of the time. Seeing 2 rogues on the board means you're gonna want to walk the shortest paths to assistance as possible. All of this information should be running through your head. Be paranoid.

    Are you against more than 2 mobile ranged dps? You're not gonna want to run down GY if this is the case, unless secured by your team, running along the edges is the most efficient way to run flags, avoiding sight as much as possible, but running down enemy GY is a last resort, as there is no turning back and the road to safety is too long, unless your team is there to back you up. Have this in mind before the game has even started.


    So, roughly 1 year back, I had a girlfriend named Ida.
    Much like alot of females Ida was sensitive, but also like many others, Ida was into badboys.
    Ida liked it rough.
    She loved when you took control of a situation.
    Taking the descisions everyone else was pussying out of, saying the situation excactly as you saw it, no bullshit.
    You act your part of the role you have.
    You're the boss.

    Controlling the game

    Next up is control. First of, you're the star of the show, you're the one taking the ladies on the date, tell them where the hell we are going.
    Yell out where help is needed, you've visualized the oposite team, are you gonna need help getting the flag?
    Let your team know what your thought process is.

    The enemy has your flag middle, you're running up ramp to retrieve the opposite flag as fast as possible. Once you get the flag, your dick just turned golden. You just became the most important player on the field. Your team needs to know your thought process, but above all YOU need to trust in your team to give you vision of exits to take.

    Opposite flag carrier got past your group with his team, and is now running towards tunnel, you've retrieved the flag but you're alone.

    As when you drink alcohol, the toxin highlights the places of the brain that acts as a caveman. Basically possibilities get divided into 2 options, desire & survival. The logical choice for you would be to run towards your destination as fast as possible. Opposing team is aware of this, and will most likely counter it by waiting for you to exit one of the 3 exit paths (Gy, ramp or tunnel). This is the logical choice. Have the self control to keep it calm. If you think the exits are closing, theres always one way... The way you came from. Your job is to stay alive as long as possible, extending your job - is to buy your team as much time to reach you as possible.

    "A thief believes everybody steals."

    Enemy team is gonna try predicting your movement, they suspect you to move closer towards your destination for each second (your flag room/mid with team). Thats logic, you must reach your destination... Tell you what, break the rules.
    You wanna beat the caveman? Invent the fucking computer.
    Go back inside, go enemy roof. Do your job - staying alive.

    Enemy flag carrier (EFC), has the same alcoholic "logical" brain thoughts. Desire & survival. He's gonna want to get as close to capping that flag as possible, if he moves near the flag room without his team, capitalize. If he moves in there with a healer or more, you're teams chances of clearing their way through mid just doubled.

    Don't keep any information hidden either, are you gonna die within 30 seconds? No need to hold the bullshit within. Rather say it like it is, so you're team will be prepared for the outcome. Maybe counter it in advance, than you fucking around, and it comes as a shocker.

    Any information useful for you is useful for your team. You are team, go team!


    I have this baby cousin,
    Alma, she's not big of age. She loves playing around with her toys and dancing in the livingroom.
    Doesn't let anything bad or negative cross her mind.
    Her brain has absolutely no connection with trouble or fear, just positive thought
    (regarding playing with toys and whatnot babys enjoy doing!).
    If i were to describe this adorability mix of stupidity, it would quite frankly be encouraging, influenced & alive.
    - Keep your head up.

    Encouraging the team to victory

    Staying positive has been one of the biggest factors not just ingame, but in life - myself. Of it has affected me personally in a good way, it might be tiring staying positive when you're not in the mood, but it surely affects your surroundings. The amount of games I've won by encouraging my team with spirit is out of count. It might not give you wings, and anger sure has its motive too, but it'll give you that extra kick, and that kick might change over the game.

    "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
    Staying positive gives people energy, energy is needed for life.
    Less deep and more usefull - you've managed to reach to your half of the map, maybe even closer to your base. 2 + stealthing units are on the oposite team, and their eyes are on you. Two words: Stay alive. Get that ass moving, don't stay any place for too long. You what pisses you off most about getting sapped? Not only have they just made you 100% less efficient, but they're STEALING your time, and giving it to their own team! Keep moving. Don't stay at any place to long without having your team there to back you up. You don't want anything happening you're not prepared for.


    So... I had a fling, with this wonderful sympatic human being called Nathalia.
    I've never ever told any female besides my own mother, that I've loved them.
    But if i had to pick one, this would had been the only other woman that has crossed my path.
    The definition of the one that got away, and the ideal woman of my dreams.
    Wish I knew what I know today, so I could catch her.
    She always used to tell me, that I should stop letting the people around me slow me down.
    Just bloom Daniel, you're wonderful if you just get to sparkle.
    - Don't let anyone slow down your journey.

    Don't let anyone alter your journey

    I cannot stress enough, that its the small details that put things in motion.
    Not to go deep unneeded, but its the microscopic list of a large amount of coincidences that we're even able to exist as we do today.
    Reading this post, having the life you have, breathing on this earth, living in this universe.

    As an FC on your journey around the map, each second is extremely valuable. Believe it or not, if you hadn't been slowed by that last frostbolt, which killed you, - which you only got hit by from the last inches of max range - before your healer could get that last cast off - THEN you would have survived. Utilize the max of your presence, perfect your travel time, don't let anyone get in your way.

    Jumping has to be the most common neutral button in game. Wait... Did I say neutral? Does that mean it doesn't have any use? Well it looks pretty damn cool doesn't it? - You're wrong. Its all about speed. Jumping puts you in the state of MAINTAINING the speed you had when you left of, from your jump. If you jump the last 0. seconds of your slow, you'll be affected by it IN your jump. Means that you'll be affected by 5 second slow for 6 seconds. THIS MATTERS. As does the reversing of this mechanic work. If you jump within the last point seconds of your speed boost, it'll affect your travel in jumping, as you're IMMUNE to movement altering effects WHILE IN your jump. This does not mean you won't feel it once you hit the ground, but it means you'll gain valuable seconds on your travel time.

    Utilizing this to the max; you'll want to have a complete overview of opposite players that might decelerate/slow your safari tour guide towards your destination. Is there a hunter coming up on your ass? Prepare to land your jump AS the spell hits you mid air, and you'll have saved yourself atleast a second if not more.

    Are you a druid, monk or GNOME? MASTER THIS. This is essential for your role if you're seeking to perfect your play.

    Mage is casting a frostbolt at you, you won't manage to LoS or outrange him before he gets his cast of? Land the jump so the spell hits you right after your takeoff. Press your movement removing effect mid air - and congratulations, you've now waisted 2 seconds of his life casting a useless movement altering effect, while you gaining ATLEAST 1 second on the clock/journey, thats atleast 3 seconds time consumption added up to your bank account.


    I had this school teacher,
    for the sake of my own skin, her name will not be mentioned. This teacher was my worst nightmare. Her vision of reality scared the living shit out of me. Skipping her classes was the merriest & scarriest feeling of all time.
    Not being in her class room was great, but having to avoid seeing her for the remains of the week was chaotic.
    Spending my movement wisely! Using the right paths to avoiding her sight became a sport.

    Movement & Pathing

    Movement & pathing has a huge influence to the game, such a common thing, but rarely people put much thought into.

    Regardless of how much damage you're meant to take, moving along the edges and doing your best to AVOID SIGHT, Is hands down smartest thing to do. Theres no need to take fights that'll slow down your journey. Your job is to get opposing teams flag and capture it as soon as possible (just in case you were in doubt (lol)).
    Spend your movement wisely. Running along the edges of the map is a winner, not just will the oponent have a harder time noticing you, but you'll be closer to LoS - which is your best fucking friend as an FC.

    Move along the edges of the map, running straight mid UNLESS you are with the group, should rarely be done, unless completely sure about the situation.
    Even tho the enemy will eventually spot you on the edges, you'll be closer to LoS which is your biggest friend as an FC.

    Once you've reached the flag room (hopefully unnoticed), you need to know before hand which exit you're going to pick BEFORE picking the flag. As many know, after picking up the flag, eventually your flag icon will show up on the map. What many DON'T KNOW, is that you won't show up till: you've passed the (invisible) horizontal line from tunnel cave exit - to each edge of the map, been spotted within ~ 40 yards by an enemy, or you've had a hold of the flag for about ~ 40 seconds (not precisely exact).
    If you learn to master this you'll be santa claus till you've reached safety.

    When the flag has been picked up and youre in the flag room, the timer has started. You now have 3 exit paths and 1 alternative exit path.
    Before picking your poison, you should note that a rule is made before you. NEVER GO TUNNEL. NEVER EVER go tunnel unless its the last option and/or you've been granted protection/approval from your group. Tunnel is the longest and easiet way to get spotted, and as noted before you're not a fan of running through people if it can be avoided.

    This leads 2 options (Keep in mind that every game is different, and that there might be closed doors): Ramp & Graveyard. Ramp is the most common pathway, as it has the option of VISION before reaching the point of no return*.

    *The point of no return: "is the point beyond which one must continue,
    on his or her current course of action because turning back is physically impossible,
    prohibitively expensive or dangerous."
    The point is reached after midway of tunnel, passing zerker hut at ramp or jumping down from Graveyard.

    There's a reason Ramp is the most common. It feels more safe. It grants you vision of current standpoint of middle, what to expect when to try and crossing, LoS location (enemy 'zerker hut) and last but not least, it grants you the option to go back the way you came from, if the way you're about to is too drastic. HOWEVER, as this is the usual, logic & wise choice. It'll be the most suspected way to run. Once again an example of the caveman, if you wanna beat the person who knows which way you wanna go, you're gonna go the way you don't wanna go.

    Graveyard. GY is the least logical choice to go, as it contains the point of no return - RIGHT AWAY.
    Once jumped from GY there is absolutely no turning back, you're just gonna have to run for it, (except in rare occassions when you're team is near and you know you'll die within seconds if you run into the enemy, best option is to kite around enemy restoration hut, till your group has assisted and escorted you back). Besides that fact, its called graveyard for a reason, this is where your enemies return from their death. Going this way is not as bad as it may sound, but it should not be rushed into, hesitate before going this way, maybe even count seconds or notice hordes alive before jumping down and suddenly ending a spawning of enemies ressing. REGARDLESS you should move ALONG the edge, the chances of even an enemy ressing seeing you is pretty slim, as first of all it won't be logical choice and secondly it won't be the logical choice?!! Thinking outside the box is beyonde useful.

    Wanna hide from the police? You hide in the last place to look, the police station.
    Tip: Look at the minimap.
    Avoid places where your team is losing fights,
    and go to places where your team is winning.
    This is the safest way to cross the field.

    The very last possible option; if time is at the essence and you'll be dining with enemies, if any of the 3 exit paths are taken. The option of going roof and hiding there is the intelligent choice. The best option is not always just moving forward, but taking the unlogical choice might also be the logic and rational descision. First of all, you being there is not only unexpected, but you'll have vision of incoming enemies. If enemies are outside the frontdoor of the exit paths, this should buy you atleast a minute or two - if lucky and kited well.


    My aunt.
    Where should I even start, she's a living troll, of the old fucking school.
    I'm a grown man, and yet...
    - she achieves to humiliate me the most brutal way.
    Its undeniable.
    Or atleast it was, till I was 'clever' enough to position myself as far away from her on the dining table as possible.
    Little bit like my teacher, she had to be avoided.
    But how can you avoid what is doomed to happen,
    you position yourself as tactically as possible and watch your incoming surroundings.
    Hoping for the best!

    Positioning & being aware of your surroundings

    Positioning & knowing your surroundings has by far the biggest value of impact in the entire game. So litte for so much, mastering your positioning is without hesitation the most useful tool any player could ever want to achieve.

    Once acquired the flag, and hopefully made the right descision of pathing. You should now be running along the edges alone/with small escort or you should be middle with your group. There should be no doubt, that the odds of you surviving is higher with your team, than without. Team is there to protect, heal and pressure the enemy for & with you. Being solely an FC in middle is quite simple. With your team there to support you, you should be able to assist them in kills if needed, till you reach the 3 stack mark. After that you're gonna wanna watch your positioning far more.

    If you weren't allready, move behind the pack at ALL TIMES. Make sure if your pack backs up, that they do NOT back up behind you, you should at all times be behind the danger. Despite if the enemy team might have rogues on the team, you'd rather want just 1 or 2 opponents hitting you - with your group inbetween. Than the WHOLE enemy team firing and slowing you down - you will die, if not from damage, then by ooming your healers in a hurry.

    If your group overextends you are forced to push in with them, but being cautious of your surroundings. Lets say your team pushes graveyard (naturally only in premades/wargames as farming is not alowed in regular bgs!), and you feel unsafe standing too close to the resurrection location (with good reason). You have to keep an eye out for people wanting to go around, and being paranoid... Start counting enemies, know your scoreboard, who is missing? Think smart. If you feel anything might be near you, call it out so your team is ready to assist you.

    If you should ever manage to be escorted, or just unaccompanied travelled your way to the base, and you're looking for a passive place to hold peace.​
    This is without hesitation the best location to stand still.
    As an FC you'd always wish be near or by a - somewhat LoS Location, with addition of having as MUCH SIGHT/VISION as humanly possible. Adjust your camera any way possible for you to maintain vision of all paths possible that might affect you later.

    - Zoom the fuck out, you're in no need of seeing your pretty mog on your character. Start playing the game and forget about cosmetics in this case.

    With your back against the wall (incases of rogues), your vision on that location is approx 100 yard incoming path. Thats ALOT compared to you sitting in a place immune to ambushes and several LoS opportunities. And yet flag cap is only max 30 yards away, two rolls or 1 blink and you're there.

    If needed, and in trouble, your exit straegy will most commonly to be jumping down shelf/balcony (1st floor. Roof is 2nd floor), and running your way from there either graveyard, ramp or whatever path is most avaible. When that being said, the whole point of running is to avoid the opposition. Obviously you'll have to run whichever way there isn't trouble.


    In late middleschool,
    I had a small crush on one of the classic hot babes, her name was Sofie.
    As all crushes, they're usually always out of reach.
    My knowledge of her was purely objective.
    She was smoking hot, had a fantastic taste in clothing, and most importantly,
    she was the one to hit puberty first, if you get the picture!
    Was always hanging around with older guys from highschool or higher (you know the type).
    Till I finally manned up and said hi.
    She turned around, smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said:
    "Sweety, you're gonna have to try alot harder than that if you wanna get my attention, be something new, be unpredictable.

    Being unpredictable, a glimse into the future
    Being unpredictable is an advanced version of everything you've learned so far, not just from me, but of all your knowledge in game.
    Entering a bg, looking at the scoreboard, and knowing your opponents is a great advantage. You've played them before, you know which paths they like to take, you know he'll fake twice before wanting to get the cast off. You know the mage is gonna kick you into the first 30% of your cast, you know the rogue is gonna kick when you're 80% done casting.
    Everything is EXTREMELY useful information. The last thing you want to be, is this guy.
    Walking the same paths over and over is not the way to go, be creative. As human beings we think in patterns. You go to get flag (2 rogues or more defending), lets say you manage to get flag, and get out ramp to safety.
    You just entered this humans passive judging, without the player (the rogue), even noticing it. Get the flag, make him think which way HE thinks YOU want to move, and do anything but that. Face ramp, blink tunnel, face ramp move ramp, blink back. Piss him the fuck off.
    Its all mindgames, think outside the box.

    Never walk the same patterns, doing the same thing 2 times in a row makes your opponent think its a habbit, 3rd time you're the golden santa claus, with a free room to do anything BUT what you just did, and it'll 90% of the time - go through. Placing a thought process, in your opponents head is beyond everything else. You just made him think you were doing something by putting nonexisting patterns in his head. This means you'll have a glimse in the future, and predictiin the future, knowing what is gonna happen is truely as powerful as it sounds.

    Best of luck with everything surfers.

    The complete FC'ing guide with tips and tricks, helping you being the best YOU you can be.​
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