Seething Shore in other brackets?


Seething Shore is my favourite BG (I'm a rogue so of course it is) but in the 20s bracket the queues are always something like 8v5 or even worse. Does anyone know if this BG is bugged because it always has the most unequal matches of any BG in the 20s bracket. 10v10 is extremely rare these days in the 20s brackets, most BGs are 9v7 or something like that but none of the other BGs are as mismatched as Seething Shore.

Is the Seething Shore messed up like this in the other brackets or is this only a thing in the 20s? It sucks no matter which side you're on. If you're on the side that only has 5 or less players it obviously sucks but even if you're on the side with more players it makes the victories very hollow when you're stomping a weaker force in numbers. I miss the pre-segregation queues so much.

Same in other brackets, game normally ends early. It’s a good bg on paper but in practice it’s shite, it’s the main reason I queue 3 separate BG’s rather than random.
I find it great if you've got even numbers. The other day I had a 6v6 match that was really fun. They dynamics are quite different than a 10v10. I wish they would make sure the queues were the same size no matter how many players. I don't understand how Blizzard is handling the queues but they really need to do it better, it just wastes everybody's time when one side has more players than the other. Not fun for the winners and definitely not fun for the losers. Sadly that's the way the 20s are these days.
Yeah I think the matchmaking for Seething is broken somehow. I get a lot of 10v5 matches there on 60s, don't have that problem with any other bg. If you wait long enough sometimes the game will fill, but by then the stacked team is usually up 500+ points and there's no chance of catching up.

An honest to gods 10v10 Seething Shore BG. A freaking unicorn amoungst battlegrounds.

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