Possible the bis tank shield chant combo


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Been looking around and I think I found the best shield for tank twinks. The shield is Tharmaplugg's Central Core. The item inflicts 1 nature damage but goes to 2 when attacked. The main benefit is this procs the Elemental Force enchant which for my current toon is a 40-42 damage crit. With my 29% crit it procs often. It instantly added a lot of free DPS. when grouping up loads of mobs.

end of dungeon runs elemental force normal does on avg 8.5%-12% of my total damage. which is roughly 5k-6k damage since discovering this shield. It drops in gmomeregan

Clearly this could be higher with better gear i'm only at ilvl 37 with 2 epics.

on a side note can all blues turn into epics?

does warforged happen more often then normal blues turning epic?
I ran the Bloodmaul Slag Mines many times trying to get the warforged ogre dinner plate...has not panned out yet. I have run Gnomer a few times, but didn't see the shield drop. I have been doing quests with my Paladin, and I got this nifty upgrade off "Recruiting Efforts"...


I have been doing quests that give shields. The ones that provide blue ilvl 33 shields may upgrade to 59. This one upgraded to 39 I think because the original item was green and like ilvl 9 or something like that.

Also, I have had the treasures from killing elites in WoD upgrade to epic.
You should specify its what you consider BiS for offensive shield. You lose out on armor/block value from not using an Epic/high ilvl shield! :p

Also... EF on shield is BiS offensive!
I was waiting for you to say this :D

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