No Honor Gear at 60


Since the release of DF we have not been able to buy any honor gear in oribos. (We also cant queue shadowlands dungeons lol. retarded ass devs broke the game by putting SL into chromie without making sure it works outside of chromie.. you cant even do any SL covenant mini scenarios once you hit 61, you have to sync.)

Please bump this thread and make your own to spread awareness if this affects you as well
what ilvl are the bfa dungeons we can q for dropping?
i did 2 and didn't get any loot at all.
the scaling seems all wonky too.
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scaling in BFA dungeons imo is way off, some i have entered, players AFK out from previous experiences. i did three, only was able to finish one, after going thru 12 players on one dungeon, i went to see chromie. players saying right off the bat on encounters, something was wrong with scaling were players like 40-50+. predom the ones AFKing also

as for SL PVP gear, they may follow the legion route bring back as a tmog appearance set or pieces? blizz takes years to notice trends, things that are hurting the game and costing them money

- 101 legion then 111 twinks at about 3 1/2 years into BFA nerfed, made sure this did not occur in SL
- 110 legion and 120 (50) BFA capped account twinking, 2 years each, took 4 years stopped going into DF
- vet20 and f2p 20s in xpon BGs for 2 years each for BFA and for SL. took 4 years stopped prior to DF
- twinks exploiting into leveling BGs, still not fixed

when you run a base game capped system you essentially create another official private server that players like classic can stay back in. sure those will have to sub to do so, but image wise and main game health is more of a priority. well known subs are not reported at quarterly earnings, however MAUs, sales of the newest version, and services earnings are.

SL dungeons not being queable (not just a 20 issue), not sure what their rationale is on that, you can get quests and enter them, but would take non-LFD grouping
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SL pvp armor and weapon mog sets for marks of honor are available in Oribos. 12 and 80 marks of honor.
atal dazor i did many times before with no issues with like first boss being dead in its 1-2 fears max rotation, after DF prepatch changes, did not make it past first boss in a LFG, the boss got 7 fears off we were unable to hide, got wiped one by one. did three attempts with same results. boss at around 50% each time group, disbanded.

waycrest manor was dropped into a group, as others dropped in they would immediately AFK out after 13 plus players did this, no clue how many prior to me AFKd out, i changed my chromie time

under rot was only one i did get done, but that was loaded with deaths and barely killed last boss with one alive at end. like i said in other post it was players 40-50+ complaining most and saying something was wrong, just did a search and found this
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