lol chatGPT is wild

I had asked Chat GTP to pretend it was a text adventure game set in the world of Azeroth where the goal was to stop a troll named Grobathar from stealing noodles in Pandaria. I gave it a complete description of my character and my inventory. I told it to start in Elwyn Forest and to wait for my commands. It did an amazing job of describing the characters and environments as I made my way to Stormwind then the harbour and then Pandaria where I made allies who also wanted to go stop Grobathar. We found his secret lair in a cave in the mountains but when the climax was about to take place it got stuck because it wasn't allowed to use any violence to resolve the issue. It also wouldn't let me tell Grobathar to stop stealing because it said Grobathar would react violently and it was not programmed to take violent actions. I eventually got it to resolve the game by having one of my Pandaran party member explain to Grobathar that stealing noodles was wrong and Grobathar did a 180 and agreed it was wrong, returned the noodles, and gave up his life of crime.

It was amazingly fun right up until the combat started. The funny thing is Chat GTP was able to suggest different combat mechanics to add to the game but was unable to implement them because it violated its programming.
For the love of god, do not use AHK. That's a sure fire way to paint a target on your back when it comes to Blizzard's warden. When Bliz updated their ToS last year to combat botting, and all those multiboxers got banned for using "broadcast" software, AHK was the reason they got banned. Not only is the language considered dead, it is VERY easy to detect.

To understand why its so easy to detect, all you have to know is that it runs from an app. The Warden also runs on the SAME ring (ring 3) as all your apps-- so it can see every single app you have running. What you want, is something that runs on ring 2. Ring 2 is generally reserved for drivers. The Warden is not advanced enough to see what runs on ring 2 atm.

Now, Ricochet, the anti-cheat Bliz uses for Overwatch, THAT is another monster entirely...

My advice to you, if you want the AI to write you a script, ask it to write you an addon, in Lua. Even with Bliz's modified version of Lua, the truth is that you can come very close to writing a full bot.

I haven't check the status recently. Are u sure Ricochet is now being used for Overwatch too? The last time i heard, Ricochet is used or Call of Duty while ring3 warden is still used on Overwatch/wow.

(BTW, to be more technically accurate, drivers run at Ring 0 - not Ring 2.)
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Not on Linux :D.
It's in early development but I've been able to get it to work with some auto keypress scripts. There's a discord channel for it and a lot of people there to help with scripts.
Since running WoW on Linux is run using Wine or Proton (in my case Proton), it's completely separated from any process running on Linux. So as long as you don't try to use AHK or whatever for windows through the same wine prefix as World of Warcraft (safer to just use the AHK X11 instead) then you shouldn't have any issues what so ever. But since it's still in development, it's unlikely ChatGPT would be effective at creating scripts for it.
Sorry but Linux is not a operating system, is just a kernel, if you want speak about the operating system that use Linux normaly as a kernel his name is GNU. And his combination must be called GNU with Linux or for be short, GNU/Linux.

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