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EU+US Level 1 - 5 twinks (Global Guild)

Discussion in 'Level 1-9' started by RoyanzTI, Jul 5, 2017.

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    New update for Global guild is that now we will have extended low bracket in the (Global guild community) with Level 1 - 5 twinks, first guild with level 5 twinks is created on Outland which Vibecka is Guild Leader of
    So contact Vibecka on this battletag for invite there : Vibecka#2944 or me Royanz : Royanz#2390
    Region : EU
    Server : Outland
    Faction : Alliance
    Guild name : Five a day
    Level 5 twink guild
    Every class and race etc is welcome as long as you stay at level 5, more upcoming events and info will be added shortly!
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  2. VibeckaWeb

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    Bump! Alot of poeple have been looking into the 5 Twink scene! Do so yourself and get funded on Outland Alliance and join <Five a Day> or just make yourself a 5! Add Vibecka#2944 for more info!
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