Let's save level 20 twinking... Squeaky wheel gets the grease

did blizz fix the XP off and party sync exploits?

i did a 10-19 FTP disposable roll a couple of months back, it was seriously loaded with twinks of various levels with full gems/enchants etc. ran into other disposables using BOAs and MOP vendor gear which was what i was doing, but i had no enchants. predom the twinks were 14-18, of course there was obvious 19s, they would get noticed and chatted about by levelers. i did not find this as a enjoyable option

The only issue that I have seen that can be a real detractor is Evokers Quing down to a low level. They do ridiculous dmg, but I have not seen it often. Also, they are made out of wet tissue so my rouge was not really having any problems w them. Even with the issues that you will run into with playing a BoA disposable, I guarantee that it's a much better experience than what happens @ 20.
I don’t understand why F2ps are so entitled can someone explain?
Gotta ask somfas. Hoping that making it to 70 and capping xp won’t work

yeah they totally fixed debuffing but there are GFd people that still have debuffers and every now and then you can still get it to follow you in using the old dungeon method but I am playing max this xpac, actually pretty fun and they didn't hijack us into millions of hours grinding Torghast and mythics to get our PVP gear <3

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