Korrak's Revenge is fun

Discussion in '20s (Shadowlands)' started by Beerloveer, Nov 15, 2021.

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  1. Ivo

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    Idk if this was targeted at me but I haven't got sub in months nor played with or against anyone who used 85s while they were a thing.
  2. Goesid

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    Then you should pick your words better. Haha, *wink* understood.
  3. Nurd

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    I mean its not enjoyable for either group, having half of the team useless is not really fun at max level either.
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  4. Somfas

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    Yes, the shredder is the equalizer for 20s in Korrak's https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1217127353 multiple top damage matches and survivable like crazy if you let the healers know that the Shredders can be healed. Just don't hit [esc] while in the shredder LOL. They can be used at least 1X per match, I've had the pleasure of using them 3X in a long match. For f2p and vets, you will need to be a miner for the 30x thorium 50x Mithril and 75 Iron Bars for the quest turn in but the item lasts 3 days so it can be used many times. Have fun, 1 week left. PS, I am trying to do a game first video before the event ends, hoping on next Sunday, the 5th. If anyone is interested, holler in my chat when I'm live, no need to follow, only looking for participants if anyone wants to be a part of the video since we can queue in a raid group for Korrak's we don't need to sync groups. Suffer well, Somfas.
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  5. Fang

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    I turned in the quest for the second time tonight, getting the engineer to safety can be tricky. The Shredder is awesome but not very mobile, it functions very well in crowd of people from both factions as the enemies will focus on real players.
    As you said heals are needed, the out-of-combat regen is good, you have 800k hp, but if you're surrounded and alone, you drop like a normal player except you have lots of hp and no mobility skills.

    Don't bother hitting terminators (ilvl 245 ppl) you can't really drop them, but you can oneshot levellers and ungeared 60s pretty much.

    Also the Shredder does not take falling dmg, it allowed me to escape certain death at the hands of a mob of angry allis several times.

    And lastly, killing blows count as killing blows, so pop you fire-watcher form, channel the Shredder and enjoy 10 minutes of Bloody Coin drops (if all goes well ofc).
  6. Malgibbon

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    I have 17k hp and 50k mana on my 20 druid. Scaling isn't broken and clearly intended.
  7. Somfas

    Somfas Lover of life, pvp and consumables! ;)

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    well, by broken, I mean a level 20 has 14-17k health and a 60 has 40-70k health with all their SL covenant abilities able to 1-3 shot 20s, so it's like no chance in hell a level 20 can 1v1 a 60. ( Although the Ghost Iron Dragonling does do some pretty good dammage against 60s. ) It's like a leveler in greys fighting a fully bis twink vet in the 20s. To me, that's broken ;) But I'm sure with blizzard's brilliance as of late, it is fully intended that they want you to be max level enjoying all the fruits of their labor for the xpac or be gimped <3
    And yeah @Fang the no fall damage is nice and the shredder's health is from PoV, my 60 friends see a different health on my shredder than I do. BTW, everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday as we try to make a full shredder raid group. You need to get the quest shared inside and get the item and have the shredder Friday or Saturday since they last 3 days to make sure we don't have to get the NPC again on Sunday. The mats you will need are 30x Thorium Bars 50x Mithril Bars and 75x Iron Bars. The quest item from in Korrak's is easy enough to get to and pick up off the ground. If anyone needs help getting the NPC, we will be running it Friday and Saturday for that. I assume we will be starting the Shredder premades Sunday around noon or so CST if anyone is interested, hop on stream and put toons name-realm in chat for invite since we can queue in a raid group, no syncing. No need to follow, just hop in and holler at me.
  8. shanker

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    scaling i'm talking about was lower level players. they could at least but up a somewhat weak, but yet a good fight. of course you had FOTM OP classes at max level you had zero chance. 60, 70, etc twinks felt good and somewhat powered. not this year it's all zero chance, 1-2 shot, hit, dot, etc. insta death.

    my 20's felt decent the first year. i could solo take a mine (non stealth). in 2021 we are supposed to be scaled to 60, you face 2-3 level 53 mobs, you are pretty much dead.

    i was going to use a token, to level some players, first the XP has been severely nerfed, a ingame friend, tried it and said the scaling for his players in the 48-52 range was also bad in terms of power. even his older banked twink gear was not making a difference. he let his account expire few days into the event.

    he was saying versatility scaling is off for lower levels, there is a huge chop going into KAV that you do not see in other BGs, yet a 60 goes into the BG with 20-30% versa based on their gear, you go in at any lower level and you are chopped to the 10% range.

    Korrack AV i'm having fun, but it is a shit show showing massive problems in WOW, especially in balancing and homognization due to expac systems, like after a BG seeing of the top five healers, only one is a healer and is third. seeing a prot pal, hav DH, BDK as #1 DPS and Healer, blizzard has a Klown show. all they care right now about is MDI and 3's AWC. which are showing severe imbal that no one is talking about
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