Grandfather your 19s easier with 19Check

Anyone know when pre patch is?
Other than getting a list of items, remind me, was there something else of importance that get's gfd? Professions to be leveled / Enchants that need to be applied before pre patch?
Argent Dawn reputation if you ever want to get Argent Champion title on your twink

Enchant Formal dangui with +22 Defense Rating now as it will convert to Dodge Rating in Cata but lose its ilvl 60 making it unenchantable

Enchant a > ilvl 35 chest with +16 Defense Rating as it becomes untouched by enchant scaling in MoP (becoming + 15 Dodge Rating) grab as many as you want for Heirlooms or other weapons.

A lot of Spirit gear becomes Hit rating in Cata so keep an eye out for that on the wowhead database if you desire to wpvp/pve higher levels.
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Hey guys, since cata prepatch is coming out much sooner than expected I am just going to be leaving the site as is until that happens :)

After the 1st of May I will probably be taking the site down since it will no longer be necessary.

I hope 19Check helped you in one way or another, thank you for all the support!
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