Global Auction House Item Search with support for suffixes

Will be down for a few days as I migrate the hardware.
Should be back now though still having intermittent firewall issues. I am self hosting from behind CF so apologies for the spottiness.
Should be back now. At some point in the next few weeks I'm finally going to rewrite the site so it stops crashing when the requests to Blizzard time out repeatedly (right now it just loops until it succeeds lol, which is likely the cause of the current crash if it fails consecutively), but I've been extremely busy with my real work for quite some time now and have been too tired/lazy to fix it, so I apologize for the continued constant downtime.
Finally getting around to updating this, hopefully this weekend though I've started today. Wondering if it's worth the effort to include both Era and SoD in the search results. I think Era is mostly dead when it comes to twinking, but want to confirm if SoD is worth including support for (in which case I'll add era anyway since it's the same effort). Anybody from the other classic servers have input?

Also, expect things to get buggier between now and after Cata launch as I have to manually convert the new DBC tables and haven't gotten around to it yet. The code is a spaghetti mess and I'm considering rewriting from scratch in TS and releasing it publicly.

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