Global Auction House Item Search with support for suffixes


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Booty Bay Gazette died, Blizzard released an official API, and NexusHub sucks for niche item searches and anything with suffixes since it straight up doesn't support them. That summarizes the state of auction house scanning on Classic since Vanilla ended. I like hoarding gear and helping people finish their characters, so I wrote a small tool that lets you search globally for any item near instantly. It is ugly and needs some polis, but it works and is bloat-free.

Some limitations/features:
- Minimum search term length: 3
- If your search has >100 results, it won't return any.
- Grandfathered suffixed items are kind of invisible because they don't exist in the rand table. They will show up unsuffixed, but will show the correct (grandfathered) stats when hovering over them in the listings. So search for them without suffixes.
- Updates only once an hour. This is a Blizzard API limitation.
- Auto-generating hashlinks: of Doom&region=US&faction=All&realm=Mankrik

Lemme know if this is something you'd like to see built out a bit more and use, otherwise I'll probably just leave it running untouched.

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Still some up for 90k
Yea, you and some guy on benediction are the only ones listing it above 75. I dont know why you keep trying to insist that you're offering a reasonable price.

There's currently one for less than 10k on Lakeshire, a handful in the 10-15k range, and another 8 in the 30-55k range. You saw all this and have increased your price from 125k to 150k lol

List it for whatever you want, man. But lets not pretend thats not only outside the norm but well outside any actual worth to performance.
> thread about suffix items
> devolves into pod faggotry
> xpoff
> thread about suffix items
> devolves into pod faggotry
> xpoff
I should have used a better example picture lmao.
I added filters.

Did this get axed?
Sorry, had some server issues. I'm away on a cruise until tomorrow night. Will fix it then and will have a failover server for next time just in case.
Should be back now.
Will be down for the next few days, doing some upgrades for stability but can't divert all my attention to it tonight. Getting quite a bit of traffic and it seems some people are now hitting it with bots which makes fixing it live much harder.

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