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Hi all,

I scanned the forum rules here and didn't see anything about account trading.
I recently started using xpoff and this has taken my daily grind to a new level. I am in my mid twenties (irl, all my chars are capped at lvl20 obv), need to get my life in order and my Blizzard games are getting in the way of that - I feel compelled to do some activity in WoW, Hearthstone and Rumble daily - it's an addiction.
I can think of no better home for an account I've put plenty of hours (and some cash - mainly Hearthstone and Overwatch CE) into. I've been doing the wow f2p thing for a while so I have some legacy stuff, like some complete pre-launch legion invasion transmog sets, the Warcraft Movie weapon mogs etc, and plenty of mats and currency hoarded. There is plenty that I've nearly completed on my main (like World Exploration, Garrison followers to 645+, Pandaria cooking title, Dominance Offensive campaign etc.), but there is plenty that still needs doing if you want to min/max. I have no BiS pieces, but can solo most instances and can cheese with totem if necessary. Got a WoD-solo ready nelf druid and dwarf rsham (Argent Dawn EU) as well, but all of the questing, exploration and collecting has happened on my main.
Hearthstone has been going since around Blackrock Mountain so there's a pretty extensive Wild collection. Overwatch CE was a black Friday thing a few years back, and I was never really able to play it on my PC, so it was pretty much just for the WoW pet and Hearthstone Cardback. Pretty much all progress made has been on EU.

The BNet account is linked to a throwaway Gmail address (same as the WoWhead and XPOff profiles I believe), so I'd likely just delink that from a security email and give it to you - details can be worked out however.

Ideally I'm looking for a buyer to make letting go of the years of investment easier. If nobody wants to make an offer in the next few days, I'll probably just give it away for free. Even though it doesn't feel like it, this is for my benefit after all. Not even sure how a transaction would work, I guess we could do paypal or something...

Any tips on how to do a fair and smooth exchange also appreciated. This has been a good part of my life, but it's time to move on.

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