Dungeonfinder just got a LOT cooler!

I think he meant both at once. I would guess it would maybe be as rare as BFA doing it? Seems similar to that.

I kinda hope not cuz that's just a ridiculous grind then... :kms:
I just got a savage glad chest, Ironfoe and 2 circle of flames with no sockets/3rd :(
I just got rivendare's blade without anything as well... after like 5-6 upgrades in a row getting to the boss.

The grind is real. :Sadge:

On my main but looks possible to get both in classic.
Yeah I did about 15 runs so far of bed for my lvp 30 shaman with no socket ironfoe..... No ironfoe at all yet lol. I would take a non socket one
FWIW Ive got sockets on a shield from BFA, a 1h axe from a quest reward in Icecrown and a 1H mace from Doom Lord Kazzak anniversary events so there's not exactly consistency to it just being those sockets

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