Can I level up automatically from 20 when buying subscription?


Im playing on a F2P account, even tho Im level 20 Im still getting the "Level Up" visual effects when completing quests and my XP bar is showing example 25.000 / 10.000

I wanted to pay subscription to buy trading post items - will I level up automatically when I get the subscription because of the "frozen experience" (visual effects / xp bar showing more xp than requried for specific level) or those are just a visual bugs and I will be still level 20?
If ur playing a F2P account that has never had game time, there is a risk u will level up as u bank XP.

Will need a F2P who’s done it to confirm that if u lock XP before sub’ing whether that is sufficient to keep from levelling. Only issue u may never be able to unlock XP - which means u won’t be able to PvP if u let ur sub expire again.

Might be safer to start a fresh account and sub on that one and get what u want and then link to ur F2P account.

Finally, there was a way of picking up a few Tenders even as F2P, but Blizz seem to be cracking down on that.

Good luck.
It happened to me with my FP2 account this month I decided to pay to buy good gems and bags for my DH and when I entered boom level 30, two weeks later Blizzard responded to my ticket:
Apologies for the delay getting back to you, it's pretty busy here recently with the Dragonflight, Pandaria Remix, Cataclysm Classic, Hardcore Classic, Season of Discovery, Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV updates, among other things.

Banked XP, experience you miss out on from not having gametime and being at level cap, that XP is then awarded to you (up to 10 levels of stored XP) if you activate the account again.

That is why your character hit level 30 when you logged in, all that XP that was saved up for you when you were limited to level 20 but still running instances and quests etc.

I've been able to get your character set back to level 20, and have disabled XP gains on that character so you will not gain XP again on them.
However please note if you are intending this character to be a pvp/battleground character before your gametime runs out make sure you go to Slahtz <Experience Eliminator> in Orgrimmar and turn XP gains back ON.
If you do not do that, if your account has no gametime and your XP is turned OFF, you will not be able to sign up for BGs.

Please note this will NOT be something we will ever be able to do again, if your characters level up in future they will not be possible to reset.

Hope you're staying safe out there and all the best for the weeks ahead.

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