[Call to Arms] [EU] Epic Battleground this Sunday 24/03 7pm CET!

Wanna join the Epic Battleground queuing this Sunday?

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Too much time spent on F2P addon dev

This is a public announcement, on a very short notice!

An Epic Battleground synchronized queuing is organised this Sunday 24/03 at 7pm CET, on EU realms! Everyone is welcome, at lvl20, geared or not!​

Longer version:
The Trading Post is generous in tendies (if you don't know, check here after) and one activity is to win an Epic Battleground before March 27th (next Wednesday), that should be awarding 100 travel points in progress for the month's activities. Meaning there is only one weekend to do it, and it's happening now!

It's not 100% confirmed that 20s can get the progress on the activity, but it's the time to check that out!
For many it could be the missing points needed to reach one of the thresholds and earn extra Trader's Tender!
If you're not interested in the extra tendies, come for some PvP, it'll be 99% lvl20s!
If you're not geared enough, you're still welcome, every player counts here! Even US players are welcome to come and try the EU lifestyle in WoW ;)

We're targetting Ashran essentially (35v35), maybe the other Epic BGs will be also doable at 40v40 if we're enough (especially Isle of Conquest).

If progress is confirmed on the activity (at the end of the first match), the second match will be a quick win given to the faction that lost the first round.
So everyone participating can have progress by joining this event.
The following matches are then all for glory and fun, and maybe some achievements on the way!

Currently the numbers of participants is between 40 and 55, we don't miss that much more to make it happen!
If you're interested, please say so in the poll, I'll contact you for the organisation bits ^^
Queuing with multiple accounts is allowed to make that happen :FrogeConcern:

Cancel your plans and assume your lvl20 lifestyle for one evening this month :PepeComfy:

-Brihan, for filling every damn progress bar in this game
With this you can earn bloody coins since our levels are up (i'm missing like 18 for the highest achievement) and borken bones for the gladiator arena in Ashran.
Well, we got a pop! ... Wintergrasp :PepeHands:


Overall, after substracting the few alts used to help with the pop, it was a 24v28 fight! (with some 29s that came to enjoy the EBG too ^^)
While overall boring for many because it's Wintergrasp, it was still pretty close at the end, with one of the gate down, a bit too late to help on the win after all towers got destroyed.

But no progress on the Trading Post activities :PepeHands:

Thanks to everyone who participated and made it possible, we now know for sure that Epic BGs are still doable at 20, and we'll be organising some more in the future, with more preparation :PepeComfy:

Here is the scoreboard 6 minutes before the end, for the names of everyone involved ;)
(missing 3 hordies in the middle, sorry :Sadge: )

Was fun , looking forward to more epic bgs in the future ! On a side note why are there so many people with 0 damage on horde side lul

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