As some predicted: Queue-bugging patched in 8.2

Discussion in 'General WoW' started by Sin'dor, Jun 20, 2019.

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  1. Blackberryy

    Blackberryy Those peanut butter vibes Administrator

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    I hope they don’t fix it. Most of you small minded individuals wanted to remove merged bgs to force most\part of your bracket into wargames and not actively try to organize what you encouraged. Or you were f2p/ vet / 110 legion account and didn’t care either way. It’s annoying how many people in brackets that aren’t effected or that take 11 minutes and 15 seconds to gear had to say on the bracket separation. And those same people have so many issues with que buggers when there should absolutely never be a separation in bgs. Blizzard segregating part of the game between 2 systems they have allowed to coexist in the game is silly and obnoxious tbh.
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  2. Falkenhayn

    Falkenhayn Member

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    Oh well, what is there to do as twink now then? I guess I'm lucky my sub runs out in a few days. Just have to wait for classic i suppose.
  3. Dàwn the Hunter

    Dàwn the Hunter Spirit Healer

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    Lets take a moment to pay respect to all the fun we had in all brackets that isint 20's vet/f2p, lets hope blizzard gets their heads out of their ass and realize that twinking is our life and they cant take it away from us! I cant think of WoW without twinking is a big core of their subs these days... Like anyone cares about current content really anymore.
  4. Leek

    Leek Veteran

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    Just play another game, guys. Seriously, game's 15 years old
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  5. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    It's always impressed me how many people play this game while simultaneously thinking it's shit
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  6. Neon

    Neon <druhgy and friends>

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    Get. Over. It.
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  7. Brihan

    Brihan Member

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    Maybe if our community wasn't so toxic, Blizzard would listen to us instead of going against us ...

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  8. Merlin

    Merlin Member

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    think i have to activate a few more of my frozen accounts, and raise 6 toons (instead of the current 3) each time to the desired bracket, cos the more toons i grouped together to farm gears, the faster they can be fully equiped as most dungeons/raids allows loot trading, and i can quit bg before it ends and hop onto another toon without suffering the 15 mins penalty for deserting, thats the only way i can think of and the bracket that will take full benefit is the 90-99, the gears in this bracket is almost exactly the same for lvl90 and lvl99 .. 101-109 too, but 101-109 gears are harder to collect in large quantity
  9. RiverpawGrinder

    RiverpawGrinder Member

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    The best way to fix this is to automatically turn the toon's xp on the moment they enter an xp on BG. And award them some xp for taking the time to queue up bg.
  10. Twnknaintez

    Twnknaintez New Member

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    You all are lucky. Ill get to experience about a weeks worth of the exploit after learning about it\implementing it vs most of you who got to use it for months.

    Turning the page for a new chapter however,
    We all mys well figure the next best play (when speaking of truly being over powered)... is to have a subscription and power level to 20, and then play the 20-29 bracket with xp on before rerolling toon at 30.
    (Excluding recent exploit I never understood why twinks would turn xp off anyway. The whole point of twinking is to have raw power over another toon, but anyway moving on..)

    Having the sub allowes for consumables.etc,from ah grabbing all bis gear (or close to it if drop rate isnt worth it due to rerolling toon so often.)

    So, Speaking in terms of raw edge can anyone state any alternative that I might not be considering for the time being while waiting for wow classic ?

    This might seem like obvious stuff but I just want to make sure im on the right path bc I just came back after quitting Legion that really hurt twinks.
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  11. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    Just roll a vet, homie
  12. Twnknaintez

    Twnknaintez New Member

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    What does this mean?
  13. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    Aight, check it out.

    If you unsub, blizzard will still let you play your account on toons up to level 20. So you make a 20, turn xp-off and go about the regular gearing and enchanting and leveling of professions, etc that you would with any other twink. Then, turn your xp back on and let your sub run out (or, have a GM transfer your remaining game time to another account if you're impatient)

    Once your sub is dead, your level 20 toon is still playable. But it has full enchants and such. It's also considered "xp-on" and so gets regular ques.
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  14. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    Many people asked for it and they got it. And now those very same people are complaining that it happened. /whisper I think like hearing themselves complain TBH.
    You never know what have until it’s gone.

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 21, 2019, Original Post Date: Jun 21, 2019 ---
    “Veteran” accounts enjoy the best of both worlds at the moment. They can be “twinked” like a paid account with xp turned off and queue like a Trial account with xp turned on. There are guides in the 20 section of the forum.
    I would suggest just creating a brand new account for this and not using your current account.

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 21, 2019 ---
    It’s not everyone my friend. Don’t judge the entire group by the vocal minority.

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  15. Twnknaintez

    Twnknaintez New Member

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    We posted at same time...So i guess f2p IS slightly different then "vet"....
    Ill read up about it thx
  16. Daltert Moropi

    Daltert Moropi Veteran

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  17. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    Yes. "F2P" is generally used to describe starter/trial accounts that have NEVER had game time. Because of this, they don't have high level enchants or professions and are entirely self sufficient in terms of getting gear.

    Generally, f2p players (at least around here) tend to be pve/achievement oriented. It's a fun, challenging and rewarding playstyle. But if you're looking just for PVP shenanigans, vet is gonna be more your style.
  18. Twnknaintez

    Twnknaintez New Member

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    Can ftp players use mailbox, ingame trade with another player, or use heirlooms.....i cant remember\may have been changed anyway
  19. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    Most every way of interacting with others is blocked. No mail, no trade, no whisper, no chat. Even /say and emotes are muted for players above like 29(?)

    But you can get heirlooms via Darkmoon Faire and marks of honor.

    Or if you want to link your f2p account to your existing account you'll have access to all your heirlooms, pets, mounts, etc. IMO this isn't as much fun as creating a whole new account from scratch, but some people prefer it
  20. Faerondil

    Faerondil Grandfathered

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