An actual, honest-to-god, F2P leaderboard

Iirc you need first to sync your character to the website, by logging in with your battlenet account, then the character becomes visible on the site. At least that was what happened for me when I wanted to join the leaderboard
Hmmm, out of random boredom I checked this website for the first time in a long time and this caught my attention. Sadly I can't remember what email I used for my F2P account. Maybe I'll make another new one.

But thanks for doing this. I gave me a little bit of WoW inspiration.
✊ Hello everyone, I'm out of the race for achievements, as well as out of the game.
My goal of 16k achievements has been reached. F2p.
It's time to achieve your goals in life.
I wish everyone to achieve everything in life and be kinder to everyone.
If someone has Instagram, we can add.
Write to Discord:

Embusquée - Rashgarroth

100% pure F2P. I will probably be behind the top 10 but let's give a try

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