51 twinks for boosting



Heard about the guy who got to 60 in 3 hours, turns out they had a capped 51 running them through dungeons (potentially untwinked too).

So my question is, has anyone tried making a 51 twink? And if so, how much progression and gearing can we do by comparison?
With twist of fate (sp?) we can have access to covenants and progress through areas in any order. Maybe we could also get access to World quests and if so we can level renown?

Love to hear everyone's thoughts and theorycrafts on this!!
I haven’t seen any good gear below lvl 56 but 56 has ilvl 176 items they can get off AH which sounds pretty promising
The Necrotic Wake (51 to enter) drops 158 Gear. And LvL 50 Crafted is iLvL 100+.

EDIT: I'm not saying 51 would be a good Twink Level, just saying it's probably doable.

EDIT2: Wowhead is bugged, says you can enter at 51 but I'm pretty sure it's 50. The Gear says 158 but requires Level 60, so not sure about that either.

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