39s EU bracket is rapidly expanding - DAILY POPS 19:00-01:00 (CEST)


Smitepapi 39 - Metroboominn 29 - Litecoin 19
The 39s bracket in EU TBC servers is very much alive for several months now.
We are planning to pop 10v10 TWINK-ONLY games with the upcoming Exp Lock feature in WOTLK.

We already have a active, social and very helpful community with hundreds of unique players.
But we are still looking to expand in order to secure pops in WOTLK.

So if you ever wanted to make a 39 Twink, or you want to dust off your old one, you should consider taking a look in our Discord channel.

Hope to see you soon on the field!

DISCORD LINK EU 39's: https://discord.gg/TfZke488Zv
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