39 bracket

  1. WTS Pendulum of the Doom

    EU Alliance Pyrewood Village got a few for sale Can xfer to any server or sell Horde side if the price is right discord: sau0
  2. Greencurse

    39s EU bracket is rapidly expanding - DAILY POPS 19:00-01:00 (CEST)

    The 39s bracket in EU TBC servers is very much alive for several months now. We are planning to pop 10v10 TWINK-ONLY games with the upcoming Exp Lock feature in WOTLK. We already have a active, social and very helpful community with hundreds of unique players. But we are still looking to expand...
  3. Life

    US <Golden Twinkiees> - The Largest & Most Social guild is recruiting 20s on Moonguard for inhouse wargames & arenas / 19's on Pagle for Wargames!

    <GOLDEN TWINKIES> The Largest, Most Social, & Fun Having Twinking Guild is recruiting all TWINKS! We are prepping and organizing for Cataclysm and the War Within! We are going to go into the new expansion's with an explosion! I want 10v10 Wargames in all 3 brackets in-house for GT 19/29's and...
  4. Blindbandit

    TBC Price Check: Shadowforge Bushmaster

    Managed to grab one on Golemagg-EU Horde, wondering if anyone has a ballpark price? Looking to sell it fairly fast.
  5. <True Twinkz> Horde Sulfuras WoW Classic 19,29,39,49,59 twink guild

    <True Twinkz> Horde Sulfuras wow classic True Twinkz is a very active and fun guild that has been around for over a year now, TT is re-emerging as one of the most active twink guilds all of classic wow. We are a R rated adult guild who enjoys smoking some weed, drinking some beers, talking...
  6. Magrain

    The Shadowlands Pre-Patch Bizarre Experience

    So, its been a wild ride. Blizzard has made the most groundbreaking patch ever, to most of the twinking community, to the f2p accounts. It certainly felt like a breathe of fresh air, definitely a memorable experience. To wrap things up, I want to hear your experiences gentlemen. -What was the...
  7. US <Inferno IX> - Mankrik (Alliance) Upper bracket twink guild

    Greetings, We are a new Alliance guild on Mankrik focusing on upper bracket twinks, specifically 29, 39 and 49. However, all twinks are welcome. We're looking to fill the niche of Alliance upper bracket twinking on Mankrik, which does not have that many active guilds. We are a casual twinking...