1. Somfas


    Hello again everyone. Let's explore what a "Intended bug" is. This is a quote from Blizzard end user license agreement "cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard (whether accomplished using hardware, software, a combination thereof, or otherwise), influencing and/or...
  2. Cattywompus

    What's new?

    Hey guys! How's it going?! I'm checking in to see how the health of the bracket is. How does the game feel balance wise? Are ilvl 49 weps still around? If so is it that big of a jump with melee and or casters? I see that socketed green ilvl 28s are pretty sought after. If there's somewhere else...
  3. Wildlands

    20 F2P in Shadowlands

    World of Warcraft already updated their Twitter bio and banner to Shadowlands theme, but included a little tidbit in their bio about being able to play the first twenty levels for free. Hopefully this is confirmation the F2P level cap is not being changed in Shadowlands. Still not 100%, but...
  4. Wildlands

    EU+US What is the deal with the level squish?

    Probably already answered, but I could not find a thread. But what is happening in Shadowlands with the level squish? What's the info on F2P level cap and our current lvl 20s? Thanks!
  5. EU+US Alterac Valley?

    So I know that it's an "option" to queue for alterac valley. I was wondering if there was a way that we could recruit massive amounts of Vets and F2ps to all queue up at the same time (both horde and alliance obviously) and somehow get it so an AV pops. I haven't played AV since burning crusade...