1. Zpectre

    LvL 11 or LvL 20 character

    Question: Which is more fun to play PVE? As of now I have a Druid, warrior, monk and mage @ LvL 10/11, but I am curious if it makes any sense to level them to 20? Note: I do not wish to take part in any pvp activities
  2. rosetwinks

    First time 20 Twink, any help would be great!

    So I currently have a bis 11 Twink(wind walker monk) and just finished up the last item on my 10 Twink(arcane mage) Love those toons but its time to move on to a new challenge and have a bit of fun while im doing it! Obviously besides scaling, what class/spec I choose for 10/11 twinks is limited...
  3. Outofspace

    Pick Your Top 5 Consumables (39s)

    Excluding class reagents, Healing/Mana Potions and BG food. Choose your top FIVE favorite consumables! Maybe you go through them the most or perhaps you just love using them in those crucial moments - either way let's see which ones have the biggest following. Let me know if I've missed any...
  4. Turdel

    PvP US EST realm poll v.2

    Previous thread locked due to brigading by 20 twinks and hurt feelings lol im not kidding https://xpoff.com/threads/pvp-us-est-realm-poll.89893/page-2#post-1191144 My question/curiosity still stands & I have made all votes public. Please note this is the only active poll as of this time that...
  5. Turdel

    PvP US EST realm poll

    I recently committed to Stalagg because of Herod overpopulation concerns, im curious if anyones on the same boat or if people are still committed to Herod etc.
  6. Somfas

    my OFFICIAL POLL to decide on which realms to play on.

    please feel free to help us decide which realm to play on, we are agreed that not everyone wants to level the same way. Some will prefer a PVE and some a PVP experience but we want to play together. I have made a poll with all the US realms, please choose only one PVP and one PVE server of your...
  7. Turdel

    Classic Endgame Poll

    Hey guys we're 35 days away from the release of WoW Classic, almost there. I can only play hearthstone so much and I need some sort of other entertainment. I'm curious as to what class and spec people are going to main during their endgame experience. Everyone has two votes for hybrid...
  8. Embu

    EU+US F2P ranking: must we include veteran accounts or not?

    Hey people, I would like to know your opinion about the decision to include or not veteran accounts in this ranking: https://xpoff.com/threads/f2p-ranking-top-100-honorable-kills.73685/ It is true that since the beginning, the "true F2P player" wasn't accustomed to bring some items than the...
  9. The Peak of Twinking

    Which expansion(s) were the best for twinking during? Every voice counts and all answers are valid because everyone has a different set of expectations when it comes to twinking. You can make up to three selections. Thanks for your input. Lets get some discussion going!
  10. Caldalt

    EU+US Overpowered classes?

    Title says it all, what class do you guys find to be the most overpowered overall, bgs, 1v1s, arenas and the like. Just want to see everyone elses opinion. OT: why does every1 say tink without the w, new thing to me just came back lol.