1. Retail Twink XP OFF DEBUFF in BG - One solution - 2023

    Many people know how to twink in bg and get that debuff in bg. For those who dont know : There are different ways of doing it ! so you can try different options. One Way of doing it : You get your main account that will create character "AA" Your twink should be on another account, free...
  2. Emelia

    World of Twinkcraft

    World of Twinkcraft Retail Exploit/Retail 10s & 60s/Community Hub: Discord NA In-game community code: 2PxKbYlsr0P Twinkcraft Master Community Promotion Site: Work in Progress Twinkcraft Index Leaders: @Emelia, @Fugitivo (Graet), and @pokspell
  3. Scaling exploit in Chromie timeline?

    Scaling exploit in Chromie timeline?
  4. Silvertong


  5. blue09

    How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Seeing as coming next patch, they are nerfing all SL items, I want to share with you guys a fun method to help you get easier gear from those zombie brain runs of WoD or to enhance your speedruns. Use this trinket https://www.wowhead.com/item=178769/infinitely-divisible-ooze It drops from last...
  6. EU LF Belt/Shoulder/legs service on Horde

    Will pay well, lack of gold is not an issue here. Please spare me any morale lectures. BnetTag: Andre#2103 Done ty to all
  7. You want scraps? I got scraps. (EXP exploit works again)

    For those of you that bemoan the loss of the sacred methods, there are currently but 2 scraps I have for you. Scrap #1 - The exploit still works for arena skirmishes. It works exactly the same way.People level through arena skirmishes just as they do BGs. Try queueing solo for some 1v2 or 1v3...
  8. EU+US 16k level 19 hunter

    Someone force this guy to logout to get his stats fixed ffs one of many people who havent done that yet lol
  9. Ferib

    How to use toys as a twink

    Are you tired that you can't use Blazing Wings or any other toy that has the a level requirment? Then take a look at this video to see what you can do: Imagine using this Aviana's Feather Yes, this is agains the ToS
  10. SuperPack

    EU+US Thermohydratic Flippers

    I see 19 twinks and 29 twinks running around Orgrimmar with this Thermohydratic Flippers buff from the Goblin starting zone... Even though there was a druid that had it and Goblin's can't even be druids.
  11. EU+US Blackened Defias Armor + Thrall's Gift etc.

    I've seen a couple of rogues with BDA and Thralls gift, how the fuck is that possible is there an exploit people are using or do you beg gms?