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  • BoA Insignia works just fine and yes, it is 2 minutes. Been using it since patch launch.
    So how much of the damage we were seeing was the Engi shit? Am I still gunna get fucked on?
    Been home for less than 30 min. Already made 170k selling overpriced engineering mats. Its a good day.
    Probably add a level requirement to the profession as well as the items
    Playing tomorrow from around 10am EST until 6 or 7. Healing dungeons. US alliance, level 19. Add me, invite me, whatever. Lets do it
    Glorious stats nerfed drom 9 to 7 at 19. Peerless nerfed from 8 to 6.
    I was in Vegas last week, and it was a reprieve in weather compared to the same temperatures here in Canada (with humidity) right now.
    Dang, thanks. Today was a good day. Finished my shaman's Tier 3 set and got this fancy MVP badge.
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    Nice font color eh?! Happy canada day too homie ♥
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