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  • @Voc So the Racist version of yourself? anyone have that phobia clip when @Voc dropped the N word mid Wargames on NWL channel? lol
    This new Halo is over-hyped, reminds me of quake online hype.
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    That’s how games go these days. It’s all apart of the system to keep us unaware.
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    Profile posting my Profile, because this chatbox is for profile posts. #bringbackblogs2020
    Man you are a spoiled bunch, Original AV and in a Non Original Bracket.
    Almond who? Almond Joy has got to be the worst type of Halloween candy ever, it's the equivalent of getting coal for Christmas.
    I think it would be neat if they brought back 7 & 14 day guest passes in Shadow Lands, and make all these epic geared F2P Twinks unplayable.
    How would that make them unplayable?
    ok retard
    Happy 27th @jwl I won't be attending, Tanner from High School just got a Shelby GT500 we're going to throw our lives away to video games.
    @Flaxy On Tich Feather is 70-100k, Boulders, 125k-300k, only one Boarhide on AH for 1-1.2 Million also enchanted with 4/3 Agi & Stam.
    We all can't collect welfare, and sit on a couch and post here 24/7. "KID"
    Take it how you feel, I guess you work with what you have. My 20yr old Brother works Full time at Discount Tires, and PT Clerk at QuikTrip.
    Jwl you still live with your dad please calm down, If you're looking for a roommate my lease ends in 2 months, but they do a credit check...
    What happened to JWL's Streaming Career? He's supposed to be the #1 hit blockbuster from what I recall.
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